This is a space dinosaur. Like, literally, it is a DINOSAUR in SPACE. How cool is that? I’d say pretty cool. I’d say it is the coolest thing ever.

In other news, only the best people of the 342A group write here. I.e. all of them write here, because all of them are the best. I love you all!






Alyona Gorilenko: “I am adveturous and crazy, I like dancing and eating nuts.”
Arthur Sarnavskiy
Julia Serdyuk
Katerina Kazanskaya
Marina Kravchenko
Oleg Lavrenchuk
Snezhana Koldaeva
Tanya Kotlyarova
Vasiliy: “The anonym”
Yana Sozanska: ‘’I am friendly, creative and talented, I am fond of reading and travelling, you never be bored with me.’’
Yana Zhygalkina: “I live in a world of fantasy and I have my life motto: go confidently in the direction of your dreams!”


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