Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


Language is the main source of communication which helps people to consort with each other. It is a very important fact that people have a common language for understanding. When we examine the linguistic situation in Ukraine, we will be able to see strongly marked bilingualism. Every person has their own view on this situation and such thoughts are very important for the future of the national language. The main things, which will help to answer the question about division, are the understanding of the Ukrainian language in the whole of Ukraine, regional peculiarities and Russian influence during all the history of Ukraine.

First of all, the Ukrainian language is a state language of our country. It means that this language is clear to all population. The Ukrainian language is an integral part of the Ukrainian nation, because it was formed many centuries ago and was prominent during all historical period.

Secondly, the Ukrainian language is the melodious one in the world. You will never find a similar language to which have we. Though there are many regions in Ukraine with their own special peculiarities and some unusual words, but still people from whole Ukraine understand everything and do not pay much attention to this.

On other hand, this harmony is disturbed by the Russian language, which tends to be the second official language. We have today such situation because of the Russian Empire and the USSR. Our language always suffered from the oppressions of the laws which rendered the development of it impossible. These powers lead own policy in order to spread different ideas and destroy the uniqueness of every nation. That is why we can meet some echo of that time nowadays. This echo creates a vision of division of the country.

To crown it all, I would like to say that despite of such linguistics manifestation, Ukrainians are a friendly nation, which will not be divided by language principle. I think that we are a united nation, we have ancient history, traditions, culture and it does not depend on in which part of the country you live!


Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?

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Ukrainian is the official language in our country. Allthe people in the country must be united and consolidated, but not only with the help of cultural and spiritual values, also with the help of the common language. Language does not only assist in communication between people, but also creates understanding, that generates interest. Nowadays we have a lot of problems with the bilingual situation in Ukraine, and that is why we are divided by this factor. So, I think that the bilingual situation in Ukraine has a negative influence on our people and country. I have two following argument for this statement: the loss by the personality of the national self-awareness, the divarication of the inner world of the speaker; and one argument against: Russian is the native language of many our citizens.

The influence of the bilingual situation in Ukraine needs the examination from the side of its influence on the psychology of the concrete person. The balanced bilingual situation would be possible in that case, if most members of our own  society wielded both languages in the identical measure, used them in any language situations with lightness, commuted from one language to another, not mixing up the systems of different languages. Command two languages exceed psychical possibilities of an ordinary man and it leads to the loss by the personality of the national self-awareness. And as a result, this factor creates «surzhyk», mixed Russian-Ukrainian dialect and the language inferiority in our country.

The divarication of the inner world of the speaker by the bilingual situation is the cause of the loss of the native language, culture and its values. Undoubtedly, today the level of the culture and the language situation retards with the own rates of the development. So, Ukrainian people have the forked world in the language situation, because neither of the two languages has a valuable correct usage, that is very negative from all sides.

In Ukraine one third of people speak in Russian and not less than 80% understand it. The Russian language became the second language for a lot of our people and the mother tongue for the large number of our citizens. Studies in many schools are conducted exactly in Russian. If you are outside, one of two passers is by the Russian-speaking citizen.

As a conclusion, summarizing all these factors, I want to say that the situation, which exists in Ukraine, is determined by language instability that leads to the political instability and problems. The decisive actions of the government and certain changes in the awareness of people can put an end to this problem of the bilingual situation in Ukraine. And, of course, this problem needs certain time, efforts of the politicians, social linguists and Ukrainians.


Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


Every country has its own language. It is an invaluable spiritual wealth with which people live passing from generations to generations such values as: wisdom, honor, culture and traditions. The purpose of language consists not only in communication between people but also in understanding each other on the spiritual level. Not in vain, language is sometimes called the soul of the nation. It is pure and beautiful and, like the soul, just one, one for each nation. In my opinion, language is a linking chain which unites people into one big family.

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Is the problem of bilingualism solvable?


The problem of bilingualism is a frequently debated issue in our language politics. Some people want to make Russian an official language, while others are against it and argue that Ukrainian is the only state language. I think that bilingualism is the problem of our consciousness in the first place, and then of the country as the whole. To my mind, we should have one state language in order to maintain order and stability within the country, but simultaneously Russian should not be prohibited in everyday life.

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 Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


All people on the Earth have their own peculiarities, points of view, characters. We are different and unique. Everybody likes to be special. That is why I think that every language must be unique and independent. The official language of any country is a superb chance for her to prove her own identity. The language is a part of important symbols, part of our souls and motherland. So, to my mind, language unites the country and must unite the people of this country. But Ukraine is totally another story…

First of all, many people, who now live here, are not Ukrainians at all. They do not want to learn the alien language, they do not understand the necessity of learning it. They don’t feel themselves as a part of Ukraine nation. Not always Ukraine is welcoming foreign guests. People do not like to be made do something by force. It spurns.

The second reason, why the language situation in Ukraine is so unstable and obscure, is that many people speak “surjik”, an illiterate mix of Ukrainian and Russian language. We will never save our native language if we do not respect its rules and its traditions. At least well-educated people must speak correctly. All of us need a good example. And not only in the issue of language.

As opposed to the above ideas, language may unite the country if people value their history, origins and traditions. Ukrainians do value these things, but during the war language is an extra one irritatingred rag to a bull. It only pours oil on the flames.

All things considered, I can say that now language divides Ukraine into two parts. But I would like to underline that we can be united. We just need to be more tolerable and tactful to each other. In any case, we are humans. We are the top of evolution. That is why I hope and believe, as many people do, that we can come to an agreement without primitive methods of assault and battery.

My school memories

imagesI have a little recollection of my first days being at the kindergarten. I was there only several times and after a week I refused to go to kindergarten. I had an angry nursery-governess, which all the time screamed and scared and I really dislike her. But I also remember the positive moments, when I played with my friends and had fun. That was unforgettable.

When I was six, I went to the comprehensive school. I studied there five six years and had not an opportunity to blossom intellectually that is why I changed this school to grammar school. My new school was co-educational. The standard of teaching was extremely high and I had a lot of pleasure to study at grammar school for next six years. I interested in foreign languages and hated Maths, Chemistry and Physics because it was difficult for me to understand them. There I met my best friend with whom I have good relationship even now. We helped each other in our home task and both excelled academically. Many others envied our friendship and good report.

The end of the eleventh form came unexpectedly and we must to pass exams and prepare to our further life. At the age of 16, I passed all my exams with a B grade and I decided where to enter. I had two variants of faculties: the faculty of an interpreter and the faculty of foreign philology. My parents insisted me on the second variant and I do not regret this decision.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently?  I made the right decision regarding going to grammar school. If I were back at comprehensive school, I’d make more of an effort to be liked. I think that I’ll justify my parents’ decision and my future profession will connected with my education.

My Education


I do not remember very well early years of my education, because most of the time I was playing with friends, eating and sleeping, like a cat who was enjoying its life. The most memorable episode in my nursery school is my role of Snow-maiden in the matinee who was surrounded by singing and dancing Snowflakes. Summer was the time when children hanging the willow branch were jumping over an empty swimming pool, like tarzans. The rest of the time I was taught reading, writing and counting. So when I attended primary school I could read, write and count.

At the time I attended primary school I also went to the music and ballet school. Primary school was comprehensive and co-educational.

Ballet school was a good experience during 5 years, where I learnt a lot of different moves and names of that moves. Lessons with the pointes were the most favorite part. We were like dolls dancing in tutus who could throw up their leg over the head. I remember teachers abused us when we set on twine without warming-up or when we were doing something without it.

Music school was a different kind of art as ballet, but however I had a strong feeling of something sublime. There was another atmosphere, not like the others school had. People who worked there were generalists at all, especially my teacher who was a man of wide reading besides her specialty. She gave solid explanations and encourage for studying. Classes were divided into several parts: my piano classes, sol-fa and choir. Then sol-fa was divided in music literature and sol-fa as it was and additional subjects were added. I left seven years in that world of classic music.

After completing primary school I decided to change a place and go to the grammar school. So, I spent there my secondary school period. That was a time of great changes including environment, amount of work to be done, age changes and hard teenage time for parents. Educational system was organized very well there. Though as my class was a little different from others, we saw a head-teacher or  a principle more often then others from the beginning.

My high school was devoted to the preparation for external independent assessement in lyceum. There I had astronomy and classes of art culture, which were new for me.

The university time was a new stage, as for everybody, where I got acquainted with all-rounders and got a great amount of different emotions. So, I think this period is the most overloaded and saturated time.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? No. I don’t see any reasons. If I want to change something then I should change everything.