“Good books and films are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances”

tumblr_n2fvexLbho1rcziygo5_1280         I think that those people become writers or screenwriters who have some life experience when they have such internal feelings and worries or different life-situation which made the great emotional impact on this person. It becomes the reason for implementation of these remembrances in the story of the book or film, because of the desire of sharing with own emotions.

In my opinion every masterpiece of the world literature or the world cinema has its own reasons and circumstances for creating and promulgation. All writers heap up in their souls besides all pleasant remembrances and feelings also suffering and pain. And there comes a certain moment in their life, when they want to share their own pain with all the world in order to ease it.

The great number of writers created their masterpieces with the realistic basis taken from their childhood. In this manner they express their pain which is connected with bad recollections, which prevent them from livelihood.

The film «Saving Mr  Banks» is the bright example of all that was said above. The main character Pamela Travers, with the initiative of Walt Disney, gives the second life to her biographical book Mary Poppins creating the film with her team. It is a great task for her again to outlive and to feel the painful worries, to experience her childhood again that brings the powerful. As the result, the demonstration of the film based on the book of Pamela Travers brings to her the powerful personal significance.

So, due to the book or film writers can get rid of their pain or relieve it and finally remove the burden from the soul.


Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?

Flag_of_Ukraine ukrainian-language

Ukrainian is the official language in our country. Allthe people in the country must be united and consolidated, but not only with the help of cultural and spiritual values, also with the help of the common language. Language does not only assist in communication between people, but also creates understanding, that generates interest. Nowadays we have a lot of problems with the bilingual situation in Ukraine, and that is why we are divided by this factor. So, I think that the bilingual situation in Ukraine has a negative influence on our people and country. I have two following argument for this statement: the loss by the personality of the national self-awareness, the divarication of the inner world of the speaker; and one argument against: Russian is the native language of many our citizens.

The influence of the bilingual situation in Ukraine needs the examination from the side of its influence on the psychology of the concrete person. The balanced bilingual situation would be possible in that case, if most members of our own  society wielded both languages in the identical measure, used them in any language situations with lightness, commuted from one language to another, not mixing up the systems of different languages. Command two languages exceed psychical possibilities of an ordinary man and it leads to the loss by the personality of the national self-awareness. And as a result, this factor creates «surzhyk», mixed Russian-Ukrainian dialect and the language inferiority in our country.

The divarication of the inner world of the speaker by the bilingual situation is the cause of the loss of the native language, culture and its values. Undoubtedly, today the level of the culture and the language situation retards with the own rates of the development. So, Ukrainian people have the forked world in the language situation, because neither of the two languages has a valuable correct usage, that is very negative from all sides.

In Ukraine one third of people speak in Russian and not less than 80% understand it. The Russian language became the second language for a lot of our people and the mother tongue for the large number of our citizens. Studies in many schools are conducted exactly in Russian. If you are outside, one of two passers is by the Russian-speaking citizen.

As a conclusion, summarizing all these factors, I want to say that the situation, which exists in Ukraine, is determined by language instability that leads to the political instability and problems. The decisive actions of the government and certain changes in the awareness of people can put an end to this problem of the bilingual situation in Ukraine. And, of course, this problem needs certain time, efforts of the politicians, social linguists and Ukrainians.


My Education


I wasn’t at kindergarten and being honest I don’t regret absolutely about it. It was the decision of my parents because of not very good experience of my senior sister. But I have indisputable a lot of amazing recollection from my school days.

Obtaining of my primary and secondary education took place in the comprehensive school of the name of M.M. Arkas.  So, when I was seven I was sent to the primary school. I was extremely an active child. I liked playing in the playground with my classmates. To tell the truth, I didn’t remember myself sitting longer than one minute. At that age my parents gave me such interesting nickname «energizer». At  primary school I divinized a lot of activities such as family evenings, holiday of the ABC-book, and especially New Year’s carnivals, where I was always as a princess. I had a lot of magnificent snow-white dresses. Also I enjoyed all subjects that we had at primary school, especially reading, writing and painting.

In the secondary school appear a lot of new subjects including classes in the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian Literature, a foreign language, world literature, Ukrainian History, world history, geography, algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, physical education, music and art. But my favorite subjects were the humanities. Also I had a lot of opportunities to take part in so many extra-curricular activities. I went to the small circle of painting, volleyball and basketball sections, took part in all concerts. Most of all I liked to sing, dance and to lead different cultural events. During that time I blossomed intellectually and had stronger and better my moral upbringing.

The  senior classes of secondary school  were for me the most exciting period during all school years. It was the most responsible period for me. At the end of the eleventh form I passed excellently all exams from a lot of subjects.

After finishing of comprehensive school I didn’t deliberate for a long time concerning my future profession and higher educational establishment. I passed external independent assessment from such subjects as English, Ukrainian language and history of Ukraine and entered to the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University in Mykolaiv. And now I am a third year undergraduate student and I don’t regret about my choice. I enrich by new knowledge, better understanding of myself, occupy with my self-improvement and self-development.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? I undoubtedly made the right choice about my secondary education. And if I were back at comprehensive school I’d make more of an effort to be liked. So I gladly remembered about my saturated school years.



«Frozen» is the fifty third feature-length cartoon film of 2013 year, created by the studio «Walt Disney Animation Studios» and released by the company «Walt Disney Pictures». It is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and produced by Peter Del Vecho. The cartoon film is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale «The Snow Queen» and featuring the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana. The budget of 150 million assists the creation of the stunning fairy world and makes powerful direction and disposition of the cartoon.

The cartoon is about two princesses, sisters, Elsa and Anna, who are very friendly in the childhood and enjoy playing in the games which are made by senior sister Elsa. Games are connected with snowmen, snowflakes, skating rink and snowdrifts, because Elsa has ability to make snow and ice. This joyful time continues till that time, when occurs the accident with the little sister Anna, Elsa injures her unintentionally, but the gnomes rescue her. Since Elsa considers herself the threat for her sister, she becomes very reserved. Their parents perish in a shipwreck. Time passes and the sisters become adults. Comes the majestic day – the coronation of the princess Elsa.  Just in that day becomes the most terrible for her, because all know about magic powers of the newfound queen and perceive her as the malicious witch. The queen runs away in the dark forest and builds up the icy castle and hides there. During the ball Anna falls in love with the prince Hans, who then leaves the leader in the palace, when Anna sets off in the searches of her sister. Arise a lot of trials, but, in spite of all, Anna saves Elsa, finds the true love and learns to expose the real foulness and finally the lives of the sisters come right. They become truly happy and satisfied.

The cartoon film fulls of the intense and subtle moments about the soul and affection feelings. It is very absorbing and breathtaking. The watching time of this cartoon is satisfactory and debilitating. The real lowers of cartoons will be very contented with the atmosphere and temper of this one.

The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film and two Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for «Let It Go», and has received Academy Award, BAFTA, Annie Award, and Satellite Award nominations. I recommend watching this interesting cartoon. It is really worthy our attention and applause.

The Creation of Adam

Last summer when I was in Italy, I visited the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museum. There was the spiritual and fantastic atmosphere. I was really impressed by The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, one of the most known images in the world, completed by Michelangelo circa 1511, it depicts God the father creating Adam, the first man and was amongst the last panels to be completed, telling the story of Genesis. The focal point of the episode of the Creation of Adam painting is the contact between the fingers of God and those of Adam, through which the breath of life is transmitted. By not painting the fingers of God and Adam touching and leaving a small space between the two, Michelangelo creates a tingling tension, an anticipation of that wonderous moment, as we all wait for God to complete his Creation of Adam.

Michelangelo’s languid Adam was probably inspired by Ghiberti’s Adam on his Doors of Paradise of the baptistery in Florence. Whereas in his, The Creation of Eve, Michelangelo borrows heavily from Jacopo della Quercia’s version on the portal of San Petronio in Bologna. In the Eve panel Michelangelo did not use foreshortening, making the figures difficult to see clearly from the floor of the chapel. In the Creation of Adam, the great artist addresses this problem, with an obvious focus on the enlarged figures of God and Adam.

The painting of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam only took two to three weeks to complete, while the actual painting of Adam took Michelangelo only four days! An admiring Vasari (1511 – 1574) gasped with amazement and said: « Figure of such a kind in its beauty, in the attitude and in the outlines, that it appears as if newly fashioned by the first and supreme Creator rather than by the brush and design of mortal man.» Today we see the Creation of Adam as a masterpiece within a masterpiece.


I would like to be a lion

If I could be an animal I would be a lion, because he is the king of the jungle, and he is very strong, brave, rational animal. The lion can run pretty fast and jump over the hills. He has own large territory and a lot of tigresses around him. The lion has very magnificent and smart fur with thick mane, powerful paws and long claws. He lives in a beautiful place, it can be jungle or rainforest filled of waterfalls, amazing landscapes. The lion is a graceful and gorgeous animal. 1626-1518 family-lions-3 lions male and female


There are three factors that affect my mood: weather, health and studying.

Health greatly influences my mood. Obviously, when I feel good, when nothing disturbs me, I am full of longing, refreshed and content. But, when I am ill and weak, I feel pensive, touchy and sometimes irritable or excited.

Weather definitely influences my mood. When it is warm and sunny I feel happy and want to be active. It certainly does, when the sun shines it makes me feel cheerful. It must be the warmth and the brightness I just feel alive. I am much more energetic and enthusiastic. When weather is rainy, I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. Actually, it would be a good time for reading books.

Also my mood varies with the changes of seasons. Actually, the most pleasant weather for me is in spring, when the temperature is middle, not high and not low, approximately 20 degrees. I enjoy in such favorable time.

And the last one is studying. I like the process of studying, when you learn and discover something interesting, absorb new knowledge or engage self-development. Studying enriches our own experience and individuality.