Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances.

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Childhood is very complicated thing, which determines our behavior in future, in other words, in adult life. Events which happened in childhood, good or bad, can influence our state of mind and lead to unexpected actions. In many cases, such actions take place in the life of people, who had terrible and poor childhood. Such people got used to struggling from early years. They know that nobody helps them to achieve something in cruel life, because life doesn’t give money and respect simply. A person must earn it be himself or herself. People who got childhood traumas try to change everything in good way in order to forget all soul wounds.

Many outstanding people had a painful childhood, but they didn’t want to reconcile themselves to poor existence, so they made own scenario of their life and got everything what they want. A bright example of such destiny is Walt Disney. He was born in poor family and began to work from early childhood. His father often beat him and his brother, so they left home in search of better fate. They decided to create cartoons and this step made them very popular and eminent. Walt became a father and had children. He decided to create for them wonderful and marvelous childhood, which they would remember with the smile. So he created a paradise for children on the Earth and it’s Disneyland. Walt          inserted in it many efforts but in final result he implemented all his dreams.

Another example is Pamela Travers. She also was born in poor family and they not always had money for living. The main person, whom she loved, was her father. She always was with him, but her father was addicted to alcohol and that’s why was sick with tuberculosis. Soon, he died, but it was a painful remembrance for Pamela. Love to her father was very strong, so she wrote a book about him which was named ‘’Mary Poppins’’. This book was filmed and it became an overnight sensation.

Many poets and writers also suffered from childhood traumas and poor family circumstances, but they created real sensations, which give joy from generation to generation. Among them, Jack London, Stephen King, Walter Whitman, Charles Dickens and others.

To crown it all, I can make a conclusion. According to previously mentioned examples, we clearly see that people who had a painful childhood became outstanding and gained a respect. They are really strong people, who were the architects of their own fortune.


Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


Language is the main source of communication which helps people to consort with each other. It is a very important fact that people have a common language for understanding. When we examine the linguistic situation in Ukraine, we will be able to see strongly marked bilingualism. Every person has their own view on this situation and such thoughts are very important for the future of the national language. The main things, which will help to answer the question about division, are the understanding of the Ukrainian language in the whole of Ukraine, regional peculiarities and Russian influence during all the history of Ukraine.

First of all, the Ukrainian language is a state language of our country. It means that this language is clear to all population. The Ukrainian language is an integral part of the Ukrainian nation, because it was formed many centuries ago and was prominent during all historical period.

Secondly, the Ukrainian language is the melodious one in the world. You will never find a similar language to which have we. Though there are many regions in Ukraine with their own special peculiarities and some unusual words, but still people from whole Ukraine understand everything and do not pay much attention to this.

On other hand, this harmony is disturbed by the Russian language, which tends to be the second official language. We have today such situation because of the Russian Empire and the USSR. Our language always suffered from the oppressions of the laws which rendered the development of it impossible. These powers lead own policy in order to spread different ideas and destroy the uniqueness of every nation. That is why we can meet some echo of that time nowadays. This echo creates a vision of division of the country.

To crown it all, I would like to say that despite of such linguistics manifestation, Ukrainians are a friendly nation, which will not be divided by language principle. I think that we are a united nation, we have ancient history, traditions, culture and it does not depend on in which part of the country you live!

My Education

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I can’t remember the first time, when I came to the nursery school. I know it was great time, time of my childhood. Actually I was involved in the ordinary activities as other children, who go to the kindergarten. I had a lot of friends, together we played on the playground or in the nursery room. I always participated in different concerts and activities, in brief, I never set at one place.

The next stage of my education is primary school. Even now I remember my first Day of knowledge, how I stood among pupils with a large bunch of flowers, how I narrated a verse about school and my excitement because of the beginning a new phase of my life. Our teacher was very agreeable and kind. She made the lessons interesting and perceptional, taught us to be polite and friendly. My parents always paid attention to my lessons and school life, helped me with homework, in result of that and my strong will to be the best of all, I had always good reports. At primary school I sang in chorus and took part in morning performances, which were held before New Year.

At ten, I went to the secondary school. It was the time, when I blossomed intellectually and when I showed all my possibilities and talents.  I was always interested in my studying, because it extended my outlook and enhanced my self-rating. I think that from the 5th to the 9th form I liked only humanities and was fond of biology and chemistry; but from the 10th form till the ending of the school I was eager to know physics, algebra and informatics. During my study at the secondary school I was engaged in many extra-curricular activities: concerts, school plays, cultural events and dancing. I liked to sing songs and recite poems most of all. I often organize and led different holidays. I had a prominent position in my school, so I was chosen as a President of pupil self-government. As I had always a lot of energy and time, I attended sections of volleyball, basket-ball, table tennis, chess and draughts. When I was in the 10th form I decided to attend musical school to learn how to play the guitar, but this studying wasn’t long (approximately 1 years), because of my preparation for the EIE tests. At the end of the eleventh form I passed excellently exams from compulsory subjects. My EIE tests were also passed on high grade, so I didn’t worry about my further education. My difficulties started then, when I began to choose the university. It was a real agony, because from one side, I wanted to be not far from home, but from another I wanted to get brilliant knowledge without giving a bribe.

Now, I study at the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University in Mykolaiv (one of the best universities in Ukraine) on the third course. I feel that this specialty is my calling, so I want to study languages more and more persistently to fulfill potential and gain my aims. I have a lot of friends, improve my knowledge and have all chances to be successful.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? My answer is no. I don’t want to change anything, because I had all what I wish: respect, love, friends and happiness.

12 Years a Slave


12 Years a Slave is a British-American historical drama film. The adaptation of the movie based on the memoirs  of  Solomon Northup, a New York State-born free negro who was kidnapped in Washington, D.C. in 1841 and sold into slavery. The film was directed by Steve McQueen. Premiere took place at Telluride Film Festival on August 30, 2013.

At the beginning of the film we get to know about the life of free negro Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who has a happy life with his wife and two children in Saratoga Springs, New York. After some time two men (Scoot McNairy and Taran Killam) offer Solomon a job of a musician in their show. They promise to pay a high salary, but instead of this, these two men intoxicate the main hero and sell him into slavery. Solomon Northup is send to New Orleans with other slaves and gets a new name Platt.  Thanks to good physical form and talent of playing the violin, Solomon is bought by owner William Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch). Northup advises Ford to clear away the river for the transporting logs rapidly and cost-effectively. Ford is satisfied with such proposition and presents Solomon with the violin. At the plantation Northup has problems with carpenter John Tibeats (Paul Dano). After a conflict, William Ford forced to send Solomon to another plantation for saving his life from the band of Tibeats. This time Northup finds himself under the pressure of Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender).  In contradistinction to William Ford, Edwin Epps hates his slaves and thinks that his right of treating cruelly of the thralls is biblically sanctioned. As the source of Epps’s income is a cotton plantation, every slave has to pick up 200 pounds of cotton every day, or be beaten. A young female thrall Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o) daily picks over 500 pounds, so she always get compliments from Epps. The wife of Edwin Epps (Sarah Paulson) strongly hates Patsey and sure of the intercourse between her husband and a slave, so she always tries to take a vengeance on this girl. Unexpectedly comes the epidemic of cotton worms. Epps thinks that it happened because of new slaves, so he sends slaves to the neighboring plantation for the season. Northup gains the respect from the owner of this new plantation and earns money for the playing the violin at the wedding anniversary celebration. After returning on the plantation of Epps, Northup makes the acquaintance of a new overseer (Garret Dillahunt) and asks him to send a mail. This attempt is failed. Northup begins on the constructing of gazebo with a Canadian carpenter Bass (Brad Pitt). Bass has an opposite thought about slavery, he blames it. Solomon takes such opportunity and tells Bass a true story of his life and asks him to help. Finally Solomon Northup gets the freedom and returns home after 12 years being a slave. 12 years a slave is really absorbing film, every moment chains the attention to the fate of the main hero. A well thought-out plot and delicate direction create the real image of that heavy time, time of shameful slavery. To my opinion, the acting of the cast was brilliant, all actors and actresses matched to their characters, so in result of that we have on opportunity to have a pleasure of watching the integral picture with impressive performance. I was happy to see some of my favourite star-actors, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Brad Pitt, their playing was vivid. I would like to mention superb photography, because you got the feeling like you are there, on those plantations, with the heroes, whom you sympathize. The climax is gradually growing up and fully opens in the conversation between Solomon and Bass. You don’t know what expect from Bass and you feel a genuine happiness when finally the main hero gets freedom.  It is strong moment which makes this film memorable. I would like to recommend watching this powerful and moving film. Here you meet true-to-life characters with ordinary problems of that time. Also you see true emotions and will of one person to return home and be again with the family. I’m sure that this film will awake feelings and compassion. It’s worth to be seen!

Going out for a ball

Joseph-Désiré Court (1797-1865) was a French painter of historical subjects and portraits.

His trend is romantic painting in the form of sentimentalism. This trend was very popular in Russia, England and Germany. Joseph-Désiré Court used impetuous and bright colours in his works for creating great and breathtaking images. His pictures have special raisin which draw the attention of the people who admire this incredible works.

The most attractive of his work for me is the picture ‘’Going out for a ball’’. This young girl (I think she is 25 years old) was in luxurious hall of the mansion.  I think it can be nineteenth century, because we see special clothes which were immanent to that period. Girl put on refined red dress with white silk cape. On her right hand we can see pearl bracelet, but my attention was riveted on her left hand in which she took either a branch of rowan tree or some type of red flower. Also I liked her haircut, because it’s simple and without heavy details. The idea of using green branches is really great. It gives special tonality.On the brown background we can see a part of curtain with the tints yellow and royal blue colours and a part of chair with wide back. The posture of the sitter is rigid, hands and body look natural. Her hazel eyes can charm everybody. She looks upon you with her kind gaze. Dark colours predominate on this picture, but artist skillfully combined bright colours of foreground with obscure tones on the background.

To my mind, this picture is an example of high degree of artistic skills, because he could depict the face of the girl very clear and I have the feeling that she is looking on me. It’s very strange. When I watch on this picture I have incomparable sense, and I want also, like this sitter, to go to the ball and dress incredible dress like she did. It would be amazing!


Wild life on the wide extensions

Life is unexpected and awesome thing. We born and come to this world with special intentions, but in our dreams we can chose any life. If I were an animal in the next life, I would like to be gazelle. I would have long graceful feet, light body and two strong horns. I would run faster than any live being on this planet and enjoy head wind. My hair would be very tender, soft and sleek, brawn and white colours of skin of my body give me real nobility and power of beauty. I would nibble the grass on the spacious meadows and drink clear water from deep and crystal lakes and rivers. I would have many friends-gazelles and we would spend good time together and take delight in every minute of our short life. I think it would be the best time of transient time and not care about different things which take place near me. This character is similar to me, because I have gracefulness, sometimes I don’t want to think about my problems and I wish simply run somewhere. __m7lZc_gAw 1M7XXnjOoec TRBv7VUd7nA

Good weather and health make me happy

Weather always makes the mood. I’m not the exception. I often suffer when the weather is really bad, especially when I have planned a lot of things or decided to go for a walk with my friends. When the weather is good, the Sun is shining and heaven is blue, I’m really happy, positive, optimistic, cheerful and alert. I can do everything and even more on such days, but when I wake up, look into the window and see rain and dark clouds on weekdays, I’m very angry, melancholic, edgy and irritable, because I have to go to the university in such awful weather. Though, on weekends I feel calm, elated and relaxed. In such days I can simply take delight in a cup of coffee and read interesting books.

Health is the most important part of human being. Health plays a significant role in emotional condition of every person. When I am ill, I want do nothing, I only rest or sleep. World loses all beauty and colours. I think about healing. On these days I am frustrated, bored, weary and distressed. But everything changes when I’m healthy. I’m merry, sociable and content. I can do anything. I’m over the moon.