A film based on a book is never better than the film, and that is why never worth filming

In fact, many people believe that the film is based on the book could not be better than “book source”. In most cases it is really true, actually it is very difficult to reproduce on the screen the material which consists of hundreds of pages so that the impressions will be the same or even better. This can be not many, but there are some exceptions . 

The film is a visual result of a certain vision of the director. And often, the audience does not perceive properly as it goes against their impressions of the book. Also, it is difficult to comply with all the details that are important in the book. However, there are cases when such films are masterpieces the same as books, which are taken as a basis. First of all , success depends on the professionalism of the director and writer. They must submit a “film dish” will cause a flurry of excitement among the audience. An important task of the director is casting . Lucky choice of the cast is one of the factors which secure successful future of the film. Cast is a paint on the canvas , if the artist mixes colors in the right proportion , then we obtain a new masterpiece . It is a pity that not so many directors can do it. As an example I would like to present the film “The Godfather” which is based on the novel by Mario Puzo . Directed by genius Francis Ford Coppola who managed to create a cult masterpiece that is a frequent “guest” in the many ratings . The director manages to expose an excellent idea and to capture the atmosphere , and he also introduced Al Pacino to the world , who coped with the role just excellent. Now he is considered to be a living legend of cinema. 

As a conclusion , we can surely say that the film on the basis of the book will not always be worse. Everything depends on the skills of a director and cast who altogether may lead to a new masterpiece in cinematography.



My Education

G6OxiKvyQsQLJpkt99jzYgLike most of children, I had that hard life stage which is called kindergarten. But I do not remember much about it. Except that I had made a revolt against our cook because of terrible pea porridge. Oh, and I played the bear at the matinee and when I was left in the kindergarten , I threw a tantrum beating all people . But it passed . My first class was at the kindergarten . In the second grade I went to school which was fortunately near the kindergarden. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven`t memories at the time of primary school. All because until 7th grade , I was just excellent pupil and have no especial features of character. But then there was a shift in my subconscious and I decided to change and become a major humorist. It was the first time when I have been thinking about the future as an actor or presenter . I was interested in such subjects as literature, history, Ukrainian and English. Mathematics, physics , chemistry and other such nonsense has not caused me interest. When I have gained credibility with the teachers I have postponed study to the background and took part at the school activities and I was bright enough. All events took place with my participation cause I had never lost the opportunity concerning extra-curricular activities. After 9th grade I decided to continue my studies and had successfully passed all my exams . High school gave me the most vivid recollections. I mean all kinds of performances , trips with the class , etc. Frankly, I found it hard to pick a specialty and university. Despite the fact that all people were advised to go to the theater I was at a crossroads between journalism and languages. I chose to study languages and namely philology . But I think it is only passing stage of life or I would even say subsidiary stage. All this is intended only to improve your conversational skills. That’s why I am not going to stay in the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University . Now when I’m study on my third year , I’m tired of this boring university, but he gave me a lot , and for that I am grateful. But now I feel that our roads will soon disperse in one year.

If I could do it all again would I do anything differently? Yes, may be I would change languages which I am learning now and there are also many different things but they have nothing to do with my education.

Inside Llewyn Davis


The past year brought us many amusing cinematic «food» that certainly I would like to try. One of such dishes is the film of famous Coen brothers. To tell the truth it is the first film of theirs I`ve watched. Before I have only heard about them. The main reason for me because of which I`ve chosen that movie is the plot. I have been always interested in the films about creative people especially if we are talking about musicians. About the cast I want to add that there are not so many familiar actors. I`ve only heard about Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund and Justin Timberlake, whom I don’t take as an actor(and also as a musician). So the story tells us about Llewyn Davis, a talented singer and guitarist from Queens, who lives from hand to mouth with rare performances in Greenwich Village clubs, and recordings on the radio. No home and money, entangled in love, almost lost contact with his family, he wanders through life in search of himself. And doesn’t find. Music is all he has. In fact, I was expecting much more from the film than I have got. The film is excessively slow and boring because you can get minimal portion of emotions – negative or positive. All I see on the screen it’s a lot of cold colors and face of the main character Llewyn(Oscar Isaac) whose facial expression changes only occasionally. Events in the movie take place as if in slow motion and in the middle of the film you don’t care what is inside Llewyn Davis. The only thing which I liked was movie atmospherics. I guess such effect was success thanks to impressive camerawork. But the acting was really unconvincing . The cat was the only one I believed. It was like alter ego of the main character who also couldn’t find the place in his life and throughout the film tried to understand himself. By the way the name of the cat has a certain symbolism in the context of current events. Eventually was turned unequal exchange because I gave the film almost two hours of my time but received nothing in return but emptiness and songs which were decently irritated me because of nasal voice and monotonous guitar. So I think it was the first and the last film of Coen brothers I have watched. I’m not sure that the film should be seen. Except that if you want to sleep or have extra time for doing nothing.

Impression. Sunrise.

Impression, Sunrise is a painting by Claude Monet. It was first displayed in 1874 during the first independent art show of the Impressionists (who were not yet known by that name). Critic Louis Leroy, inspired by the painting’s name, titled his hostile review of the show in Le Charivari newspaper, “The Exhibition of the Impressionists”, thus inadvertently naming the new art movement

This magnificent sketch caught the moment of turning night into day : just a few strokes of bright orange color artist was able to convey light, trembling on the water. “Impression . Sunrise ” – that gave its name to the painting of the Impressionist movement .

In the ” Impression” with a free and easy brush and gentle tones Monet gave his impression of the sunrise in the harbor of Le Havre. He painted orange reflexes of the sun on repeatedly refracted gray tones. However, the outlines of masts and pipes sunk in mist form graphic structure , the composition of verticals and diagonals that fragmented and enliven the plane.

Free stroke, sketchy , through which so directly transferred perceived moment, in the eyes of the public appears as painting, scandalously rough and crude.


The True King

I have been musing about reincarnation for a long time. It was always an urgent question. In my opinion reincarnation is quite possible phenomenon. In that case I think all people will be animals in the next life. As for me I believe that after death I will reborn in the bear-skin. Even now I worship all bears and regard them as sacred animals. There are many reason to think so. I don’t like that stupid stereotype when lion is considered to be the king of animals. I am fully confident that bear is the real king. That’s why I am sure I will be a bear in the next stage of my life.u-T4h1bNLgg

Rainbow Pendulum

My mood changes as often as the position of clockwise. Weather has a significant influence on my mood. Especially when it`s raining. Then I become pensive and thoughtful. To my mind rain is the best avant-garde composer I`ve ever heard. Other manifestations don`t affect me in a such way.  World situation makes me indifferent and I don`t care about it. When we are talking about the time of the day there is a whole different story. In the morning I am very bored, weary and gloomy. In the evening of the same day I become exhilarated, playful and inspired. That`s why I used to write my poems in this time of the day. Studying has also some effect on me but not essential. What really influences on my mood is esurience. When I am hungry I become very edgy, restless and irascible.


My Favorite Genius Mike Patton

He comes across as an ordinary musician of famous rock band. But once I get to know he turned out very eccentric and crazy guy. Thus Mike was very talented and unpredictable person. That’s why he interested me and became my favorite musician. The thing that strikes me about him is heterogeneity and originality. Besides he has an unusual charisma and strongly marked body language. His shrewd look sometimes drives me out of my head. Although Mike is an American he looks like Italian, because Patton has black hair and beard. The man usually wears suit and it`s one thing we are similar.  At the concert he behaves like a peg-top. A really mad energy comes from him. When man appears on the stage a storm breaks down. He is not like others and it`s the main feature I like. You never know what to expect from him. Shocking is a usual thing for this guy, but only on the stage. In real life he is keeps calm until he smoke something. This guy is also thick-skinned cause he doesn`t care what people say about him and I think it`s right. Mike is temperamental and vivacious person and sometimes I wonder about it and really doubt that coffee is only thing he likes to drink. So I hope in the near future I will be able to go to his concert. Mike is also one of those people who have a big influence on me in a manner of dress and body language. ImageImageImage