Good Books and Films

Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances

If you do not have drama in your life, then why will you create a happy end in your dreams? The best boost to move forward and to work hard is a mournful, poor, miserable and horrible childhood. If people do not have happy childhood, in their adulthood they will probably try to create a happy resemblance of their childish dreams.

Walt Disney, as well as Pamela Lyndon Travers (born Helen Lyndon Goff) didn’t have the carefree and joyful childhood. Walt Disney suffered from the numerous beatings of his father, he began to work at 8, because his family was very poor.  Helen Goff’s father, whom she loved very much, died from influenza, when she was 6-year-old girl. So, Disney and Travers were unhappy in their childhood. That is the reason, why they devoted their lives to create a happy, fantastic childhood for millions of children all over the world. And that was the instrument to try to return the chance to change their own childhood, to change the past reality into something positive and correct, to revive childish hopes.

God does not give the gift of the poetic talent, God gives the talent of bad life. Only a small number of people can get the benefit out of the chasm of despair.


Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


Every country has its own language. It is an invaluable spiritual wealth with which people live passing from generations to generations such values as: wisdom, honor, culture and traditions. The purpose of language consists not only in communication between people but also in understanding each other on the spiritual level. Not in vain, language is sometimes called the soul of the nation. It is pure and beautiful and, like the soul, just one, one for each nation. In my opinion, language is a linking chain which unites people into one big family.

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Is the problem of bilingualism solvable?


The problem of bilingualism is a frequently debated issue in our language politics. Some people want to make Russian an official language, while others are against it and argue that Ukrainian is the only state language. I think that bilingualism is the problem of our consciousness in the first place, and then of the country as the whole. To my mind, we should have one state language in order to maintain order and stability within the country, but simultaneously Russian should not be prohibited in everyday life.

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 Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


All people on the Earth have their own peculiarities, points of view, characters. We are different and unique. Everybody likes to be special. That is why I think that every language must be unique and independent. The official language of any country is a superb chance for her to prove her own identity. The language is a part of important symbols, part of our souls and motherland. So, to my mind, language unites the country and must unite the people of this country. But Ukraine is totally another story…

First of all, many people, who now live here, are not Ukrainians at all. They do not want to learn the alien language, they do not understand the necessity of learning it. They don’t feel themselves as a part of Ukraine nation. Not always Ukraine is welcoming foreign guests. People do not like to be made do something by force. It spurns.

The second reason, why the language situation in Ukraine is so unstable and obscure, is that many people speak “surjik”, an illiterate mix of Ukrainian and Russian language. We will never save our native language if we do not respect its rules and its traditions. At least well-educated people must speak correctly. All of us need a good example. And not only in the issue of language.

As opposed to the above ideas, language may unite the country if people value their history, origins and traditions. Ukrainians do value these things, but during the war language is an extra one irritatingred rag to a bull. It only pours oil on the flames.

All things considered, I can say that now language divides Ukraine into two parts. But I would like to underline that we can be united. We just need to be more tolerable and tactful to each other. In any case, we are humans. We are the top of evolution. That is why I hope and believe, as many people do, that we can come to an agreement without primitive methods of assault and battery.

My Education


I have some recollections of my childhood, especially of wonderful and fantastic days when I was at kindergarten. I did not spend much time there however I remember my bed in the nursery school and drawings in the walls. To this very day I still recollect the taste of pasties and meat pockets which I liked most of all. My father used to make me plaits and prepare breakfast every morning.

When I was 7, my family moved to the city and there I entered the comprehensive school. Despite the initial difficulties, I enjoyed studying and was one of the smartest pupils in the form. I also attended a school chorus but now I feel embarrassed to sing songs to the audience. In the secondary school, I signed up for some extra-curricular activities: drawing classes and a group of “skilful hands”. But then I gave them up and joined in the sport competitions. I did appreciate that time which brought me some kind of self-control and perseverance.

In the eleventh form, I passed exams (Ukrainian and English, History, Biology and Geography) excellently and was in two minds. My parents wanted me to be a production engineer whereas I yearn to be a philologist. After a turn of events, I was bound to enter an agrarian university. I agonised over the year and came to the conclusion that I should change that complicated and depressing situation. I passed again the external independent assessment and as before it was perfectly.

Shortly my life changed in the best way. I met my soul mates in the university. In the year of 2011, I decided to participate in the program “Human Rights”. I became acquainted with interesting, well-educated people with whom I still keep communicating. Now, I am at the third course and a half of the way is passed. There were a lot of ups and downs during my studying. Nonetheless, I believe that I will do my best to be a purposeful and qualified teacher.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? If I had an opportunity to study again, I would like to enter a grammar school. Also, I would not repeat my entrance to the agrarian university. There is one thing I do not regret – the decision to study foreign languages and literature.

I believe that education as well as self-development is a significant tool in our life thanks to which we can make our world brighter and happier.

The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby is a drama film. An adaptation of the book was a tribute to Francis Scott Fitzgerald on the 116th anniversary of his birth. The film was directed by Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton and Elizabeth Debicki. The Great Gatsby was released in 2013 year. In 2014, it was nominated for the two Academy Awards: Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.

It is a simple story about a love triangle of true-to-life characters. Two lovers: Gatsby, a very wealthy owner of an enormous mansion, and Daisy, his beloved but already married woman, carry their love through years of parting. Gatsby’s friend, Nick assists with realizing so long-expected meeting of two lovers. The rendezvous occurs. Gatsby and Daisy delight in spending their time together. Henceforth, they decide to be together and never split up. However, when the key moment comes, Daisy does not bring herself to tell her husband about the intention to break up with him. One evening, driving a car at a fast speed, Daisy knocks down a woman to death. Everybody accuses Gatsby. The story ends trivially: a husband of death woman shoots Gatsby.

On the one hand, the film The Great Gatsby has an impressive classy set and the cast is sensational. Moreover, the camerawork is superb and realistic that you like transfer in the world of brilliance and glory. On the other hand, this film can not be regarded as a memorable one. The plot is not spine-tingling but rather trivial and the music is too modern. It disorients. In addition to that, the ending was dreadfully disappointing.

The Great Gatsby can be thoroughly enjoyable for people who like romantic movies with simple storyline and lively set. I also recommend watching this film for those who are fond of fashion and innovative currents in music industry. They will be totally satisfied with impressive variety of stylish retro clothes and sound effects.


her-movie-poster (1)

“Her” is a new compelling movie by Spike Jonze. It was nominated for 5 Oscars: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Original Song (“The Moon Song”) and Best Original Score. Also “Her” received Golden Globe nominations and won one for Best Screenplay. The play of professional actors is absolutely brilliant. “Her” stars Joaquin Phoenix (Theodor) and Scarlett Johansson (Samantha) as leading actors, and Amy Adams (Amy), Rooney Mara (Catherine), Olivia Wilde as supporting actors.

Somewhere in the nearest future a lonely letter writer Theodor buys the first in the world artificially intelligent Operating System (Samantha). Theodor and Samantha fall in love with each other. OS system helps him to go through the final stages of his divorce and to start a new life. They communicate all days long. He feels free and happy. The main character faces the question of possible future relations: “Is it possible to love someone without body?”

The film appealed to me at first sight. True-to-life characters live, love, suffer, enjoy and cry like real people do. Actors make viewers to believe and experience events of the characters’ lives. Intense close-up shots add even more sensuality to the picture. “Her” is a stunning drama-fantasy full of feelings and emotions.

Spike Jonze touches upon an issue of the day. Do people love physically or mentally or maybe all together? “Her” is a movie created not only for science-fiction lovers, it is for each person who loved, loves or just wants to explore this feeling.

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