Important Updates

By Sunday 6 pm upload your stories based on the film Saving Mr Banks.


Important Updates

Upload your stories with one or several media files onto a wordpress site via Vasyl or Stepan (deadline Monday by dusk, daylight saving time ends this Sunday! It will get dark an hour earlier! Don’t forget to proof-read your stories, just in case)
THOSE WHO MISSED THE PREVIOUS CLASS AND DIDN’T PRESENT THEIR STORIES – there are a few topics to choose from – The pet of my dream (it can be a fabulous creature too, even made up by you) OR If I were to be an animal in the next life, which one I would like to be.

Imporant Updates

Please have all your late posts, comments and replies on the topic Moods posted by next TUESDAY (10/08) till dusk (if you haven’t yet done so)!

Bring your printed essays on this topic on TUESDAY (10/08) if I haven’t graded it yet.

Send your presentations and other files about celebrations and festivals in English-speaking countries by dusk on MONDAY (10/07) evening.