Good books, films and poor, traumatic childhood

Good books and films are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances. Childhood is the background that forms the future worldview. It influences the ideas people create in their books and films and change a vision of the society, describing problems and troubles they faced before.

It is true that unique masterpieces can not appear just because of our will. A book or a film can change the mind until it destroys the old pictures in the head and create the renewed vision. It happens when the writer shows us the real situations that happened to him, pleasant or unpleasant, tragic or comedy. So, in many cases pictures from the poor childhood awake strong emotions which change the outlook completely.

The legenf of creative world can also become the lost happiness of childhood pictured like utopia. Everybody remembers the name of the cartoon’s king Walt Disney, but only few knows about his poor and troubled childhood. The whole empire was built on the broken joyness and happiness created by his father and poor family. That is why these outstandings in the media and literature world became popular among the childre  and became an integral part of their childhood imagination.

“Panem et circenses” is the desire of the audience when they expect a new masterpiece. However the pain and despair from the miserable childhood can evoque such feelings. People appriciate more the scenes and episodes where the character faces the troubles and should find a way of survival. Then, showing these background reallife elements from the chilhood experience writers create masterpieces and geniuses.

In conclusion, you can see that traumatic childhood formes the vision of the future life. The poor it was the better it influences the world. The unhappy episodes turn upside-down our mind that build a new world of understanding society. These masterpieces and geniuses help to see the life from different sides to make the definite picture of the world.


2 thoughts on “Good books, films and poor, traumatic childhood

  1. Snezhana, I completely agree with your thoughts. Your ideas are clear and exact. Especially with your view that “unique masterpieces can not appear just because of our will”. Only one thing confused me, I don’t agree a little with your words “the poor it was the better it influences the world”. I think it would be better to say that a person who was living in the poverty knows the life from one of its bad side, and henceforth these unpleasant recollections and home-felt pain can become a cause for realizing them in something that excited.

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