Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances

I agree with this statement especially after watching the film “Saving Mr. Banks”. The story of the film is connected with creation of the book “Mary Poppins”. The main characters are the author of the book Pamela Travers and Walt Disney.

In the early 1940s, Walt Disney had promised his daughters to create a film based on their favorite books about Mary Poppins. About 20 years, he tried to persuade the author of these books, the writer Pamela Travers, allow him to create a film about Mary Poppins, but it was impossible. Finally Disney achieves that Pamela Travers agrees to come to Los Angeles to watch their interpretation on the book.

Pamela Travers in future film project annoying everything: it requires radical changes in the script, complete lack of animation, as well as the language of the text correctly executed songs. In parallel with this storyline develops other film-related memories of Travers about her childhood spent in Australia, where her name was Helen Goff. She remembersher fatherTraversGoff and her mother – Margaret. Tender love of her father to the children combined with his infirmity and addiction to alcohol, which eventually leads to tragic consequences, to the death.Gradually it becomes clear the close relationship of the father image of the writer and one of the characters in her books – Mr. Bank. The father was for Pamela a perfect example of person which tries to get success in many ways, person which never gives up and all the time goes the whole hog. But the death of her father made a trauma on all her life. After many years she allows to create a film on her book. This film was a masterpiece, because Disney in this film tried to embody Pamela’s childhood memories, made everyone’s feel the same as the author.



2 thoughts on “Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances

  1. What do you think about Pamela’s feeling concerning the film?is she happy that she allowed to create the film on her book?

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