Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances.

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Childhood is very complicated thing, which determines our behavior in future, in other words, in adult life. Events which happened in childhood, good or bad, can influence our state of mind and lead to unexpected actions. In many cases, such actions take place in the life of people, who had terrible and poor childhood. Such people got used to struggling from early years. They know that nobody helps them to achieve something in cruel life, because life doesn’t give money and respect simply. A person must earn it be himself or herself. People who got childhood traumas try to change everything in good way in order to forget all soul wounds.

Many outstanding people had a painful childhood, but they didn’t want to reconcile themselves to poor existence, so they made own scenario of their life and got everything what they want. A bright example of such destiny is Walt Disney. He was born in poor family and began to work from early childhood. His father often beat him and his brother, so they left home in search of better fate. They decided to create cartoons and this step made them very popular and eminent. Walt became a father and had children. He decided to create for them wonderful and marvelous childhood, which they would remember with the smile. So he created a paradise for children on the Earth and it’s Disneyland. Walt          inserted in it many efforts but in final result he implemented all his dreams.

Another example is Pamela Travers. She also was born in poor family and they not always had money for living. The main person, whom she loved, was her father. She always was with him, but her father was addicted to alcohol and that’s why was sick with tuberculosis. Soon, he died, but it was a painful remembrance for Pamela. Love to her father was very strong, so she wrote a book about him which was named ‘’Mary Poppins’’. This book was filmed and it became an overnight sensation.

Many poets and writers also suffered from childhood traumas and poor family circumstances, but they created real sensations, which give joy from generation to generation. Among them, Jack London, Stephen King, Walter Whitman, Charles Dickens and others.

To crown it all, I can make a conclusion. According to previously mentioned examples, we clearly see that people who had a painful childhood became outstanding and gained a respect. They are really strong people, who were the architects of their own fortune.


2 thoughts on “Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances.

  1. Yana, after reading your post, I have a do you think, did Edgar Poe have a bad childhood? He had a mental disorder, when he was adult, and wrote strange, horrible stories..Maybe the problem is covered in his childhood?

  2. I think that he had a bad childhood, because he was an orphan, from since childhood he didn’t feel parant’s love and warmth. This illness also gave unpredictable influence and maybe that’s why he wrote such strange stories. In any case problems which took place in childhood, we can see in his creative works.

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