A film based on a book is never better than the film, and that is why never worth filming

In fact, many people believe that the film is based on the book could not be better than “book source”. In most cases it is really true, actually it is very difficult to reproduce on the screen the material which consists of hundreds of pages so that the impressions will be the same or even better. This can be not many, but there are some exceptions . 

The film is a visual result of a certain vision of the director. And often, the audience does not perceive properly as it goes against their impressions of the book. Also, it is difficult to comply with all the details that are important in the book. However, there are cases when such films are masterpieces the same as books, which are taken as a basis. First of all , success depends on the professionalism of the director and writer. They must submit a “film dish” will cause a flurry of excitement among the audience. An important task of the director is casting . Lucky choice of the cast is one of the factors which secure successful future of the film. Cast is a paint on the canvas , if the artist mixes colors in the right proportion , then we obtain a new masterpiece . It is a pity that not so many directors can do it. As an example I would like to present the film “The Godfather” which is based on the novel by Mario Puzo . Directed by genius Francis Ford Coppola who managed to create a cult masterpiece that is a frequent “guest” in the many ratings . The director manages to expose an excellent idea and to capture the atmosphere , and he also introduced Al Pacino to the world , who coped with the role just excellent. Now he is considered to be a living legend of cinema. 

As a conclusion , we can surely say that the film on the basis of the book will not always be worse. Everything depends on the skills of a director and cast who altogether may lead to a new masterpiece in cinematography.



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