Good Books and Films

Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances

If you do not have drama in your life, then why will you create a happy end in your dreams? The best boost to move forward and to work hard is a mournful, poor, miserable and horrible childhood. If people do not have happy childhood, in their adulthood they will probably try to create a happy resemblance of their childish dreams.

Walt Disney, as well as Pamela Lyndon Travers (born Helen Lyndon Goff) didn’t have the carefree and joyful childhood. Walt Disney suffered from the numerous beatings of his father, he began to work at 8, because his family was very poor.  Helen Goff’s father, whom she loved very much, died from influenza, when she was 6-year-old girl. So, Disney and Travers were unhappy in their childhood. That is the reason, why they devoted their lives to create a happy, fantastic childhood for millions of children all over the world. And that was the instrument to try to return the chance to change their own childhood, to change the past reality into something positive and correct, to revive childish hopes.

God does not give the gift of the poetic talent, God gives the talent of bad life. Only a small number of people can get the benefit out of the chasm of despair.


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