“Good books and films are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances”

tumblr_n2fvexLbho1rcziygo5_1280         I think that those people become writers or screenwriters who have some life experience when they have such internal feelings and worries or different life-situation which made the great emotional impact on this person. It becomes the reason for implementation of these remembrances in the story of the book or film, because of the desire of sharing with own emotions.

In my opinion every masterpiece of the world literature or the world cinema has its own reasons and circumstances for creating and promulgation. All writers heap up in their souls besides all pleasant remembrances and feelings also suffering and pain. And there comes a certain moment in their life, when they want to share their own pain with all the world in order to ease it.

The great number of writers created their masterpieces with the realistic basis taken from their childhood. In this manner they express their pain which is connected with bad recollections, which prevent them from livelihood.

The film «Saving Mr  Banks» is the bright example of all that was said above. The main character Pamela Travers, with the initiative of Walt Disney, gives the second life to her biographical book Mary Poppins creating the film with her team. It is a great task for her again to outlive and to feel the painful worries, to experience her childhood again that brings the powerful. As the result, the demonstration of the film based on the book of Pamela Travers brings to her the powerful personal significance.

So, due to the book or film writers can get rid of their pain or relieve it and finally remove the burden from the soul.


Good books, films and poor, traumatic childhood

Good books and films are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances. Childhood is the background that forms the future worldview. It influences the ideas people create in their books and films and change a vision of the society, describing problems and troubles they faced before.

It is true that unique masterpieces can not appear just because of our will. A book or a film can change the mind until it destroys the old pictures in the head and create the renewed vision. It happens when the writer shows us the real situations that happened to him, pleasant or unpleasant, tragic or comedy. So, in many cases pictures from the poor childhood awake strong emotions which change the outlook completely.

The legenf of creative world can also become the lost happiness of childhood pictured like utopia. Everybody remembers the name of the cartoon’s king Walt Disney, but only few knows about his poor and troubled childhood. The whole empire was built on the broken joyness and happiness created by his father and poor family. That is why these outstandings in the media and literature world became popular among the childre  and became an integral part of their childhood imagination.

“Panem et circenses” is the desire of the audience when they expect a new masterpiece. However the pain and despair from the miserable childhood can evoque such feelings. People appriciate more the scenes and episodes where the character faces the troubles and should find a way of survival. Then, showing these background reallife elements from the chilhood experience writers create masterpieces and geniuses.

In conclusion, you can see that traumatic childhood formes the vision of the future life. The poor it was the better it influences the world. The unhappy episodes turn upside-down our mind that build a new world of understanding society. These masterpieces and geniuses help to see the life from different sides to make the definite picture of the world.

Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances

I agree with this statement especially after watching the film “Saving Mr. Banks”. The story of the film is connected with creation of the book “Mary Poppins”. The main characters are the author of the book Pamela Travers and Walt Disney.

In the early 1940s, Walt Disney had promised his daughters to create a film based on their favorite books about Mary Poppins. About 20 years, he tried to persuade the author of these books, the writer Pamela Travers, allow him to create a film about Mary Poppins, but it was impossible. Finally Disney achieves that Pamela Travers agrees to come to Los Angeles to watch their interpretation on the book.

Pamela Travers in future film project annoying everything: it requires radical changes in the script, complete lack of animation, as well as the language of the text correctly executed songs. In parallel with this storyline develops other film-related memories of Travers about her childhood spent in Australia, where her name was Helen Goff. She remembersher fatherTraversGoff and her mother – Margaret. Tender love of her father to the children combined with his infirmity and addiction to alcohol, which eventually leads to tragic consequences, to the death.Gradually it becomes clear the close relationship of the father image of the writer and one of the characters in her books – Mr. Bank. The father was for Pamela a perfect example of person which tries to get success in many ways, person which never gives up and all the time goes the whole hog. But the death of her father made a trauma on all her life. After many years she allows to create a film on her book. This film was a masterpiece, because Disney in this film tried to embody Pamela’s childhood memories, made everyone’s feel the same as the author.


A film based on a book is never better than the film, and that is why never worth filming

In fact, many people believe that the film is based on the book could not be better than “book source”. In most cases it is really true, actually it is very difficult to reproduce on the screen the material which consists of hundreds of pages so that the impressions will be the same or even better. This can be not many, but there are some exceptions . 

The film is a visual result of a certain vision of the director. And often, the audience does not perceive properly as it goes against their impressions of the book. Also, it is difficult to comply with all the details that are important in the book. However, there are cases when such films are masterpieces the same as books, which are taken as a basis. First of all , success depends on the professionalism of the director and writer. They must submit a “film dish” will cause a flurry of excitement among the audience. An important task of the director is casting . Lucky choice of the cast is one of the factors which secure successful future of the film. Cast is a paint on the canvas , if the artist mixes colors in the right proportion , then we obtain a new masterpiece . It is a pity that not so many directors can do it. As an example I would like to present the film “The Godfather” which is based on the novel by Mario Puzo . Directed by genius Francis Ford Coppola who managed to create a cult masterpiece that is a frequent “guest” in the many ratings . The director manages to expose an excellent idea and to capture the atmosphere , and he also introduced Al Pacino to the world , who coped with the role just excellent. Now he is considered to be a living legend of cinema. 

As a conclusion , we can surely say that the film on the basis of the book will not always be worse. Everything depends on the skills of a director and cast who altogether may lead to a new masterpiece in cinematography.


Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances.

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Childhood is very complicated thing, which determines our behavior in future, in other words, in adult life. Events which happened in childhood, good or bad, can influence our state of mind and lead to unexpected actions. In many cases, such actions take place in the life of people, who had terrible and poor childhood. Such people got used to struggling from early years. They know that nobody helps them to achieve something in cruel life, because life doesn’t give money and respect simply. A person must earn it be himself or herself. People who got childhood traumas try to change everything in good way in order to forget all soul wounds.

Many outstanding people had a painful childhood, but they didn’t want to reconcile themselves to poor existence, so they made own scenario of their life and got everything what they want. A bright example of such destiny is Walt Disney. He was born in poor family and began to work from early childhood. His father often beat him and his brother, so they left home in search of better fate. They decided to create cartoons and this step made them very popular and eminent. Walt became a father and had children. He decided to create for them wonderful and marvelous childhood, which they would remember with the smile. So he created a paradise for children on the Earth and it’s Disneyland. Walt          inserted in it many efforts but in final result he implemented all his dreams.

Another example is Pamela Travers. She also was born in poor family and they not always had money for living. The main person, whom she loved, was her father. She always was with him, but her father was addicted to alcohol and that’s why was sick with tuberculosis. Soon, he died, but it was a painful remembrance for Pamela. Love to her father was very strong, so she wrote a book about him which was named ‘’Mary Poppins’’. This book was filmed and it became an overnight sensation.

Many poets and writers also suffered from childhood traumas and poor family circumstances, but they created real sensations, which give joy from generation to generation. Among them, Jack London, Stephen King, Walter Whitman, Charles Dickens and others.

To crown it all, I can make a conclusion. According to previously mentioned examples, we clearly see that people who had a painful childhood became outstanding and gained a respect. They are really strong people, who were the architects of their own fortune.

A film based on a book is never better than the film, and that is why never worth filming, but

Every book is special. I guess that if there are lovers of some book-books and they have money, they will be able to film it then maybe it will not be totally like a book, even with some changes but still it will be an alternative version. Books are always much bigger than films. People are not always able to read the whole book, so they decide to watch the shorter version, and if they like it, they will read a book and compare. One of the problems that films are mostly made with Hollywood shine and if a book was written many centuries ago and a film was filmed in 2013-14,  it can have a lot of those Hollywood clichés.

According to this film, Pammela did not want to film her book and when she already agreed she started controlling a filming process to prevent Hollywood clichés from destroying her book. She wanted to keep everything like it was in book.  But times went by, memories surfaced and she decided to soften her opinion. The Film makers changed the end, and Pammela liked it to tears.

So I guess that everything depends on a producer and film makers who either make another masterpiece or make such an awful trash that people will not even read the book.

Good Books and Films

Good books and films (geniuses and masterpieces) are often born out of childhood traumas and poor family circumstances

If you do not have drama in your life, then why will you create a happy end in your dreams? The best boost to move forward and to work hard is a mournful, poor, miserable and horrible childhood. If people do not have happy childhood, in their adulthood they will probably try to create a happy resemblance of their childish dreams.

Walt Disney, as well as Pamela Lyndon Travers (born Helen Lyndon Goff) didn’t have the carefree and joyful childhood. Walt Disney suffered from the numerous beatings of his father, he began to work at 8, because his family was very poor.  Helen Goff’s father, whom she loved very much, died from influenza, when she was 6-year-old girl. So, Disney and Travers were unhappy in their childhood. That is the reason, why they devoted their lives to create a happy, fantastic childhood for millions of children all over the world. And that was the instrument to try to return the chance to change their own childhood, to change the past reality into something positive and correct, to revive childish hopes.

God does not give the gift of the poetic talent, God gives the talent of bad life. Only a small number of people can get the benefit out of the chasm of despair.