Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?

Flag_of_Ukraine ukrainian-language

Ukrainian is the official language in our country. Allthe people in the country must be united and consolidated, but not only with the help of cultural and spiritual values, also with the help of the common language. Language does not only assist in communication between people, but also creates understanding, that generates interest. Nowadays we have a lot of problems with the bilingual situation in Ukraine, and that is why we are divided by this factor. So, I think that the bilingual situation in Ukraine has a negative influence on our people and country. I have two following argument for this statement: the loss by the personality of the national self-awareness, the divarication of the inner world of the speaker; and one argument against: Russian is the native language of many our citizens.

The influence of the bilingual situation in Ukraine needs the examination from the side of its influence on the psychology of the concrete person. The balanced bilingual situation would be possible in that case, if most members of our own  society wielded both languages in the identical measure, used them in any language situations with lightness, commuted from one language to another, not mixing up the systems of different languages. Command two languages exceed psychical possibilities of an ordinary man and it leads to the loss by the personality of the national self-awareness. And as a result, this factor creates «surzhyk», mixed Russian-Ukrainian dialect and the language inferiority in our country.

The divarication of the inner world of the speaker by the bilingual situation is the cause of the loss of the native language, culture and its values. Undoubtedly, today the level of the culture and the language situation retards with the own rates of the development. So, Ukrainian people have the forked world in the language situation, because neither of the two languages has a valuable correct usage, that is very negative from all sides.

In Ukraine one third of people speak in Russian and not less than 80% understand it. The Russian language became the second language for a lot of our people and the mother tongue for the large number of our citizens. Studies in many schools are conducted exactly in Russian. If you are outside, one of two passers is by the Russian-speaking citizen.

As a conclusion, summarizing all these factors, I want to say that the situation, which exists in Ukraine, is determined by language instability that leads to the political instability and problems. The decisive actions of the government and certain changes in the awareness of people can put an end to this problem of the bilingual situation in Ukraine. And, of course, this problem needs certain time, efforts of the politicians, social linguists and Ukrainians.



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