Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


Every country has its own language. It is an invaluable spiritual wealth with which people live passing from generations to generations such values as: wisdom, honor, culture and traditions. The purpose of language consists not only in communication between people but also in understanding each other on the spiritual level. Not in vain, language is sometimes called the soul of the nation. It is pure and beautiful and, like the soul, just one, one for each nation. In my opinion, language is a linking chain which unites people into one big family.

To begin with, during the entire existence of the Ukrainian language there were many attempts to destroy it in order to gain power over the people. Our native language ran a lot of pressures. It was prohibited to write in newspapers and literature and even to speak it in a daily communication. Despite this fact, our language has survived into the present day.

Secondly, we can find in the history not only grievous pages, but also those of which we can be proud. Classical Ukrainian literature showed us an example how to treat our native language. Ukrainian poets called it a language of nightingales, but it is also an instrument of struggle which consolidates Ukrainians to achieve their aims and desires. Thanks to the loyalty and enthusiasm of Ukrainian writers and poets our language became one of the most melodious and beautiful languages in the world.

Thirdly, the Constitution of1996 made the  Ukrainian language obligatory for almost all institutions and establishments. Since that time it has been the official language. The adoption of the Constitution was an important step towards uniting Ukrainians.

As a conclusion, I would say that Ukrainians can learn and speak different languages without shunning their mother tongue, because the Ukrainian language is an integral part of their motherland, a voice of their nation and a magic instrument which unites people in one big family.


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