Is the problem of bilingualism solvable?


The problem of bilingualism is a frequently debated issue in our language politics. Some people want to make Russian an official language, while others are against it and argue that Ukrainian is the only state language. I think that bilingualism is the problem of our consciousness in the first place, and then of the country as the whole. To my mind, we should have one state language in order to maintain order and stability within the country, but simultaneously Russian should not be prohibited in everyday life.

In my eyes, both languages should be welcomed in informal aspects of life.  It is worth considering the fact that there are many Russian-speakers in our country,  and we should consider their interests too. Everybody must be free in his or her actions, no one should be forced to speak Ukrainian. Such mutual understanding will help to regulate conflicts and facilitate communication between different regions of our country.

Besides, much in education and work depends on the language. We should take into account that for somebody it is much better to operate and assimilate the information in Russian. In my opinion, in order to avoid discomfort in education and at work, Ukrainian and Russian only schools should be established. Then, pupils will be able to decide which establishment is better for them, and they will not be made to go against their will.

Doubtlessly, to be tolerant and respect the choice of others is a pledge of mutual understanding and communication. By giving both languages equal state status, Ukrainian may eventually become a dead language. To my thinking, it is a real threat to our Ukrainian identity. Whatever it is, Ukraine as an independent and unique country should save its own language, which has been asserted on the official level.

Due to recent events, we are all faced with the problem of bilingualism in the country, but its solution is obvious. In informal conversation everybody has right to speak any language he or she wants. We should also remember, that there is Ukrainian as a state language, and it is obligatory in formal establishments.  If we do appreciate each other and try to find a compromise, it will help to equalize the rights of both languages at least in everyday life and maintain stability in the country.


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