Ukrainian language divide: are we divided or united by the language?


All people on the Earth have their own peculiarities, points of view, characters. We are different and unique. Everybody likes to be special. That is why I think that every language must be unique and independent. The official language of any country is a superb chance for her to prove her own identity. The language is a part of important symbols, part of our souls and motherland. So, to my mind, language unites the country and must unite the people of this country. But Ukraine is totally another story…

First of all, many people, who now live here, are not Ukrainians at all. They do not want to learn the alien language, they do not understand the necessity of learning it. They don’t feel themselves as a part of Ukraine nation. Not always Ukraine is welcoming foreign guests. People do not like to be made do something by force. It spurns.

The second reason, why the language situation in Ukraine is so unstable and obscure, is that many people speak “surjik”, an illiterate mix of Ukrainian and Russian language. We will never save our native language if we do not respect its rules and its traditions. At least well-educated people must speak correctly. All of us need a good example. And not only in the issue of language.

As opposed to the above ideas, language may unite the country if people value their history, origins and traditions. Ukrainians do value these things, but during the war language is an extra one irritatingred rag to a bull. It only pours oil on the flames.

All things considered, I can say that now language divides Ukraine into two parts. But I would like to underline that we can be united. We just need to be more tolerable and tactful to each other. In any case, we are humans. We are the top of evolution. That is why I hope and believe, as many people do, that we can come to an agreement without primitive methods of assault and battery.


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