My Education


I do not remember very well early years of my education, because most of the time I was playing with friends, eating and sleeping, like a cat who was enjoying its life. The most memorable episode in my nursery school is my role of Snow-maiden in the matinee who was surrounded by singing and dancing Snowflakes. Summer was the time when children hanging the willow branch were jumping over an empty swimming pool, like tarzans. The rest of the time I was taught reading, writing and counting. So when I attended primary school I could read, write and count.

At the time I attended primary school I also went to the music and ballet school. Primary school was comprehensive and co-educational.

Ballet school was a good experience during 5 years, where I learnt a lot of different moves and names of that moves. Lessons with the pointes were the most favorite part. We were like dolls dancing in tutus who could throw up their leg over the head. I remember teachers abused us when we set on twine without warming-up or when we were doing something without it.

Music school was a different kind of art as ballet, but however I had a strong feeling of something sublime. There was another atmosphere, not like the others school had. People who worked there were generalists at all, especially my teacher who was a man of wide reading besides her specialty. She gave solid explanations and encourage for studying. Classes were divided into several parts: my piano classes, sol-fa and choir. Then sol-fa was divided in music literature and sol-fa as it was and additional subjects were added. I left seven years in that world of classic music.

After completing primary school I decided to change a place and go to the grammar school. So, I spent there my secondary school period. That was a time of great changes including environment, amount of work to be done, age changes and hard teenage time for parents. Educational system was organized very well there. Though as my class was a little different from others, we saw a head-teacher or  a principle more often then others from the beginning.

My high school was devoted to the preparation for external independent assessement in lyceum. There I had astronomy and classes of art culture, which were new for me.

The university time was a new stage, as for everybody, where I got acquainted with all-rounders and got a great amount of different emotions. So, I think this period is the most overloaded and saturated time.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? No. I don’t see any reasons. If I want to change something then I should change everything.


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