My Education

G6OxiKvyQsQLJpkt99jzYgLike most of children, I had that hard life stage which is called kindergarten. But I do not remember much about it. Except that I had made a revolt against our cook because of terrible pea porridge. Oh, and I played the bear at the matinee and when I was left in the kindergarten , I threw a tantrum beating all people . But it passed . My first class was at the kindergarten . In the second grade I went to school which was fortunately near the kindergarden. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven`t memories at the time of primary school. All because until 7th grade , I was just excellent pupil and have no especial features of character. But then there was a shift in my subconscious and I decided to change and become a major humorist. It was the first time when I have been thinking about the future as an actor or presenter . I was interested in such subjects as literature, history, Ukrainian and English. Mathematics, physics , chemistry and other such nonsense has not caused me interest. When I have gained credibility with the teachers I have postponed study to the background and took part at the school activities and I was bright enough. All events took place with my participation cause I had never lost the opportunity concerning extra-curricular activities. After 9th grade I decided to continue my studies and had successfully passed all my exams . High school gave me the most vivid recollections. I mean all kinds of performances , trips with the class , etc. Frankly, I found it hard to pick a specialty and university. Despite the fact that all people were advised to go to the theater I was at a crossroads between journalism and languages. I chose to study languages and namely philology . But I think it is only passing stage of life or I would even say subsidiary stage. All this is intended only to improve your conversational skills. That’s why I am not going to stay in the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University . Now when I’m study on my third year , I’m tired of this boring university, but he gave me a lot , and for that I am grateful. But now I feel that our roads will soon disperse in one year.

If I could do it all again would I do anything differently? Yes, may be I would change languages which I am learning now and there are also many different things but they have nothing to do with my education.


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