My Education


I have very few memories of being in primary school. I only remember playing on the playground,  I was very active child and once I broke my arm there. I recollect my educator and delicious semolina prepared by open-hearted and smiling cook. Basic knowledge I have received from my parents, so it was easy to me to learn something in the kindergarten. I was very restless and naughty child and it was hard to pal up with everybody, so a month later I stopped going to nursery school.

When I was six I went to the first form of the local comprehensive school.  First four years were difficult, I could not get used to the school rules and often got remarks about my behavior.  I did not get good reports at the end of the term in primary school. I had a lot of friends there and playing in the yard with them was better than studying.  My parents insisted on my education, and at the age of 10 I was a completely different person.

I made ​​an effort in secondary school and succeeded in my education. I blossomed intellectually and became A-student, because of this I lost friends. More and more classmates were bullying me, but I did not care about it. I excelled academically and soon was at the top of my form for most subjects.  Despite all, my friend Victoria  was always with me, supported and helped me. At the ninth form we decided to go together to the philological class.

My high school was the happiest period of my school life. Standard of teaching was high, therefore I didn’t have problems in studying. I was studying subject I liked, besides took part in extra-curricular activities such as dancing, singing and acting.  I noticed a progress in my moral upbringing, teacher cared not only about my knowledge, but also about expanding pupils` horizons.  Each Monday we had time for debating on various topics. It was a nice opportunity to express my opinion and to listen to others’ ones.  I passed finals successfully and finished school.

After passing External Independent Assessment I entered the university. I study foreign languages and literature, I want to be a bright student and do all my best to get success in this field.  If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? I made the right decision, my school was the best for me. The staff was qualified, gave me a good basis and prepared me to the adult life. I was taught to fend for myself and now it helps me to get success.  If I were back at school, I’d make more of an effort to excel at dancing. Dancing was my calling when I was at the ninth form, but then I quit it because of the load at school. And I certainly do not regret going to this university, it is a nice chance to get the European-level education for free and I will take advantage of all opportunities I have.


2 thoughts on “My Education

  1. A good story! But I think you mean “nursery school” in your first paragraph, and senior years at secondary school instead of “high school”, high school is the word that comes from American English and is out of place here.

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