My Education

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I can’t remember the first time, when I came to the nursery school. I know it was great time, time of my childhood. Actually I was involved in the ordinary activities as other children, who go to the kindergarten. I had a lot of friends, together we played on the playground or in the nursery room. I always participated in different concerts and activities, in brief, I never set at one place.

The next stage of my education is primary school. Even now I remember my first Day of knowledge, how I stood among pupils with a large bunch of flowers, how I narrated a verse about school and my excitement because of the beginning a new phase of my life. Our teacher was very agreeable and kind. She made the lessons interesting and perceptional, taught us to be polite and friendly. My parents always paid attention to my lessons and school life, helped me with homework, in result of that and my strong will to be the best of all, I had always good reports. At primary school I sang in chorus and took part in morning performances, which were held before New Year.

At ten, I went to the secondary school. It was the time, when I blossomed intellectually and when I showed all my possibilities and talents.  I was always interested in my studying, because it extended my outlook and enhanced my self-rating. I think that from the 5th to the 9th form I liked only humanities and was fond of biology and chemistry; but from the 10th form till the ending of the school I was eager to know physics, algebra and informatics. During my study at the secondary school I was engaged in many extra-curricular activities: concerts, school plays, cultural events and dancing. I liked to sing songs and recite poems most of all. I often organize and led different holidays. I had a prominent position in my school, so I was chosen as a President of pupil self-government. As I had always a lot of energy and time, I attended sections of volleyball, basket-ball, table tennis, chess and draughts. When I was in the 10th form I decided to attend musical school to learn how to play the guitar, but this studying wasn’t long (approximately 1 years), because of my preparation for the EIE tests. At the end of the eleventh form I passed excellently exams from compulsory subjects. My EIE tests were also passed on high grade, so I didn’t worry about my further education. My difficulties started then, when I began to choose the university. It was a real agony, because from one side, I wanted to be not far from home, but from another I wanted to get brilliant knowledge without giving a bribe.

Now, I study at the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University in Mykolaiv (one of the best universities in Ukraine) on the third course. I feel that this specialty is my calling, so I want to study languages more and more persistently to fulfill potential and gain my aims. I have a lot of friends, improve my knowledge and have all chances to be successful.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? My answer is no. I don’t want to change anything, because I had all what I wish: respect, love, friends and happiness.


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