My Education


I wasn’t at kindergarten and being honest I don’t regret absolutely about it. It was the decision of my parents because of not very good experience of my senior sister. But I have indisputable a lot of amazing recollection from my school days.

Obtaining of my primary and secondary education took place in the comprehensive school of the name of M.M. Arkas.  So, when I was seven I was sent to the primary school. I was extremely an active child. I liked playing in the playground with my classmates. To tell the truth, I didn’t remember myself sitting longer than one minute. At that age my parents gave me such interesting nickname «energizer». At  primary school I divinized a lot of activities such as family evenings, holiday of the ABC-book, and especially New Year’s carnivals, where I was always as a princess. I had a lot of magnificent snow-white dresses. Also I enjoyed all subjects that we had at primary school, especially reading, writing and painting.

In the secondary school appear a lot of new subjects including classes in the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian Literature, a foreign language, world literature, Ukrainian History, world history, geography, algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, physical education, music and art. But my favorite subjects were the humanities. Also I had a lot of opportunities to take part in so many extra-curricular activities. I went to the small circle of painting, volleyball and basketball sections, took part in all concerts. Most of all I liked to sing, dance and to lead different cultural events. During that time I blossomed intellectually and had stronger and better my moral upbringing.

The  senior classes of secondary school  were for me the most exciting period during all school years. It was the most responsible period for me. At the end of the eleventh form I passed excellently all exams from a lot of subjects.

After finishing of comprehensive school I didn’t deliberate for a long time concerning my future profession and higher educational establishment. I passed external independent assessment from such subjects as English, Ukrainian language and history of Ukraine and entered to the Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University in Mykolaiv. And now I am a third year undergraduate student and I don’t regret about my choice. I enrich by new knowledge, better understanding of myself, occupy with my self-improvement and self-development.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently? I undoubtedly made the right choice about my secondary education. And if I were back at comprehensive school I’d make more of an effort to be liked. So I gladly remembered about my saturated school years.


4 thoughts on “My Education

  1. Nice story, but don’t use the word “course” to mean academic year and correct the school names, primary and secondary education instead of “complete secondary education”, secondary school instead of “middle school”, senior classes of secondary school instead of “senior school”.

  2. I like your story!especially about «energizer»)) And it is very good that you went to the small circle of painting, volleyball and basketball sections!

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