My Education

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I have few memories of the time spent at kindergarten. I was at playgroup only two weeks. My Mom says that I liked being there. I remember the large bowls with condensed milk. After two weeks I infected all kids in my kindergarten with chicken pox and that was the end of my stay at playgroup.

At the age of six, I entered the first form of grammar school. I have a lot of recollections of my primary school. Fortunately, it was co-educational school. That’s why when I was 6-year-old, I met my first love, even two. Both of them were in my class. The school also had its disadvantages: we were supposed to sleep at day-time and I hated it. But my kind mother was my savior from those cruel rules of primary school. She always took me home after 12 a.m. Children also had to study English from the 1st form in this school, but at that time I couldn’t say whether it was advantage or disadvantage for me. The only thing in my primary school I was sure about is that I didn’t like the process of studying in Ukrainian language at all, because I couldn’t understand any word. But it is necessary to say, that my first teacher always told my parents that I had “clever eyes”.

All my school years from 4th up to 9th form I remember very vaguely. I had different marks: sometimes “A”, sometimes “C” or “D” (the latest was quite OK for me if to talk about math). To be honest, I envied my friends from simple schools, who came home from school at noon and played in the yard all the time. And I also decided not to care about my education. So, studying wasn’t in the list of my interests up to the age of fifteen. My parents never made me study hard; they respected my choice in favour of happy childhood. When I was thirteen, the interest of the teachers in our moral upbringing was an irritant for me. I also disliked taking part in extra-curricular activities, I was too busy falling in love with a strange boy in leather skinny trousers and chains.

At fifteen, I understood that I was bright and clever girl. And I asked myself: “Are you stupid? Why can’t you be the best student in your class? Why do you have “satisfactory” if you can have “excellent” mark?” Then I blossomed intellectually, and was at the top of my form for most subjects. Especially, I was fond of literature and languages. My good reports at the end of term were big consolations for precious time spent at studying. I excelled academically and, finally, at sixteen I got an excellent school progress record.

At sixteen, I successfully passed 3 exams during Centralized Testing and entered the university on the specialty “Foreign languages and literature”. Now I am a third-year undergraduate and I love studying here. I thoroughly enjoy studying English and literature. This university gives me a lot of opportunities for self-development and self-improvement. I make fantastic friends and get the necessary knowledge for my further life.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently?  Certainly my parents made a right decision sending me to grammar school. Sometimes grammar schools can take the childhood away, but they provide more opportunities for studying on a good professional level, taught children to work hard and manage the difficulties by themselves.


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