Beard and non-beard periods of my life

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I have recollection of my first day in nursery school. That was September, of course,  a lot of new faces were around and I was a bit afraid. After such doing I remember one tall guy took me by the hand and with teachers and other pupils we went to our first lesson.

Few years later just before to go to the 1st form I had surgery. The kind doctor cut me out appendicitis. Despite this fact I still entered primary school №2 in my native town. There I blossomed intellectually and excelled at sport.

At the age of 10 I entered comprehensive school where I faced a lot of different subjects. As the years were passing my intellectually was fading away and was replaced by laziness.

At the age of 15 I entered college. My speciality was computer typesetting and record-keeping. I do not know how but it was not very hard for me. There I was bright enough to be rewarded a scholarship.

The time of External Independent Assessment. I had enough points to enter to university so I chose computer engineering but there were very different subjects and I decided to transfer to Philology Institution.

If I could do it all again, would I do anything differently?  I would change something and I would not change anything, indeed. The things change for the better and for the worse and vice versa so I used to try something new.


5 thoughts on “Beard and non-beard periods of my life

  1. An interesting story, the only thing I was confused by is the first paragraph, are you talking about your nursery school? I am confused, because there you mention the 1st from and September.

  2. Did you change computer engineering for philology only because there were many different subjucts? Were they difficult for you or they were not interesting enough?

  3. It is good that you decided to change the faculty because the profession is one of the main part of our life.and we should enjoy it!

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