Captain Phillips

“Captain Phillips” was premiered in 2013 year. This film combines few genres: biopic, drama, adaptation, crime, historical, thriller and action/adventure. The director is Paul Greengrass. It is a 134 minutes film. Writers: Billy Ray – screenplay, Richard Phillips and Stephan Talty – source material. Producers: Michael De Luca, Dana Brunetti, Scott Rudin. Cast: Tom Hanks – Captain Richard Phillips, Max Martini – SEAL Commanser, Barkhad Abdi – Muse, Barkhad Abdirahman – Bilal, Faysal Ahmed – Najee, Issak Farah Samatar – Hufan.

Captain Phillips is ordered to deliver the goods to Kenya. The way the crew must overcome lays through Somali waters, where there has been a capture of  vessels for the purpose of ransom recently. At the same time, Somali fishermen get an order to go out to sea immediately, seize the ship and bring a lot of money, or otherwise they will face troubles. Then they attack the crew: the first time seeing a threat captain keeps his head and is able to save the ship from danger. The second time he takes all methods to prevent seizure of the vessel, but the armed 4 pirate- fishermen, following the order and unbridled fear before the boss, eventually penetrate the ship. Demonstrating solidarity and resistance, the crew do not give up and use everything possible so that no one is hurt, but carrying responsibility for the people, the captain is held captive by the four somalis, where the major activities and psychological changes of characters take place. As a result, U.S. Forces seek captain’s release, by the cost of the lives of three pirates and arresting the leader, what fishermen feared the most of, which was one of the explanations for their desperate and purposeful action. The film “Captain Phillips” shows a real story, when in April 2009, Somali pirates are trying to seize the ship “MV Maersk Alabama”.

“Captain Phillips” is a film which firstly begin to lull by its incomprehensible trivial story in the beginning, but the actions become compelling very quietly and have a snowball effect. About 20 minutes after the start a breathtaking and at the same time a heavy picture discovers that keeps in suspense and absorbs you until the very end of the film, some people – up to the end of the subtitle. The movie stuns by its powerful drama and brilliant acting, because Tom Hanks who played the main character, specially has flown twice in Vermont to meet and mingle with the real captain Phillips. Though the film does not quite shows real events, as during capturing Captain Phillips did nothing to release, namely the chief mechanic Mike Perry did all those actions, non-professional acting of four Somalis gave the atmosphere of reality. I want to note them because being non-professional they played professionally and brought me closer to reality.

This film is worth your waste of time. The protagonist, Tom Hanks said that before he get most of the positive roles and said that avoids the negative, but he passed all the events through himself that gave the film a stunning effect. And yet knowingly an age limit “for children under 16 is not adviced” was input because “Captain Phillips” is primarily a psychological film, which shows a picture of both sides – the fearful pirates-fishermen before their boss who have the only way to survive – to capture vessels and have a fear of being judged by U.S. laws, as well as an experienced captain, who having a family takes the brunt of deciding to save the crew and negotiate with the enemy to avoid violence. It is worth to note an exquisite professionalism of Greengrass, who made ​​some directorial tricks. All the actors who played the Somali pirates are amateurs wherein the true actors crew met their “enemies” directly during filming the capture of vessel. So this is a memorable film with a well thought-out plot. Have a good time!


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