Inside Llewyn Davis


The past year brought us many amusing cinematic «food» that certainly I would like to try. One of such dishes is the film of famous Coen brothers. To tell the truth it is the first film of theirs I`ve watched. Before I have only heard about them. The main reason for me because of which I`ve chosen that movie is the plot. I have been always interested in the films about creative people especially if we are talking about musicians. About the cast I want to add that there are not so many familiar actors. I`ve only heard about Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund and Justin Timberlake, whom I don’t take as an actor(and also as a musician). So the story tells us about Llewyn Davis, a talented singer and guitarist from Queens, who lives from hand to mouth with rare performances in Greenwich Village clubs, and recordings on the radio. No home and money, entangled in love, almost lost contact with his family, he wanders through life in search of himself. And doesn’t find. Music is all he has. In fact, I was expecting much more from the film than I have got. The film is excessively slow and boring because you can get minimal portion of emotions – negative or positive. All I see on the screen it’s a lot of cold colors and face of the main character Llewyn(Oscar Isaac) whose facial expression changes only occasionally. Events in the movie take place as if in slow motion and in the middle of the film you don’t care what is inside Llewyn Davis. The only thing which I liked was movie atmospherics. I guess such effect was success thanks to impressive camerawork. But the acting was really unconvincing . The cat was the only one I believed. It was like alter ego of the main character who also couldn’t find the place in his life and throughout the film tried to understand himself. By the way the name of the cat has a certain symbolism in the context of current events. Eventually was turned unequal exchange because I gave the film almost two hours of my time but received nothing in return but emptiness and songs which were decently irritated me because of nasal voice and monotonous guitar. So I think it was the first and the last film of Coen brothers I have watched. I’m not sure that the film should be seen. Except that if you want to sleep or have extra time for doing nothing.


One thought on “Inside Llewyn Davis

  1. I have never met heros of the films, who had a cat. So, it’s interesting for me to see their relationships. I have seen only one film with Justin Timberlake and in which he played not bad. Maybe, in result of that I want to watch this movie. I hope, I will satisfied.

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