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“Her” is a new compelling movie by Spike Jonze. It was nominated for 5 Oscars: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Original Song (“The Moon Song”) and Best Original Score. Also “Her” received Golden Globe nominations and won one for Best Screenplay. The play of professional actors is absolutely brilliant. “Her” stars Joaquin Phoenix (Theodor) and Scarlett Johansson (Samantha) as leading actors, and Amy Adams (Amy), Rooney Mara (Catherine), Olivia Wilde as supporting actors.

Somewhere in the nearest future a lonely letter writer Theodor buys the first in the world artificially intelligent Operating System (Samantha). Theodor and Samantha fall in love with each other. OS system helps him to go through the final stages of his divorce and to start a new life. They communicate all days long. He feels free and happy. The main character faces the question of possible future relations: “Is it possible to love someone without body?”

The film appealed to me at first sight. True-to-life characters live, love, suffer, enjoy and cry like real people do. Actors make viewers to believe and experience events of the characters’ lives. Intense close-up shots add even more sensuality to the picture. “Her” is a stunning drama-fantasy full of feelings and emotions.

Spike Jonze touches upon an issue of the day. Do people love physically or mentally or maybe all together? “Her” is a movie created not only for science-fiction lovers, it is for each person who loved, loves or just wants to explore this feeling.


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