The Seven Deadly Sins


“The Seven Deadly Sins”- one of the earliest well-known works of Bosch. It has a distinct moral character with elements of irony and satire. In my opinion, it is one of the clearest and most edifying works of Bosch, that comes with a detailed, explanatory image with quotations from the Old Testament book of “Deuteronomy”. Moreover this work was hung in the private apartments of the Spanish King Philip II  between his office and bedroom so that passing from room to room several times a day, the monarch could contemplate the symbols of human sins and meditate on the sinful nature of man. As I see, this piece of art has a rather complicated structure of five different diameter circles on a dark background. Suggest that this table cover is a countertop painted by master. Custom paint tables was then quite common.

In the center there  is a sort of an all-seeing eye. In the middle we see a sort of pupil, where in the thigh Christ is shown standing in the sarcophagus. Christ sees everything, he is in the world, he is at the center of Symbols eyes.  Below the inscription: “Beware, beware, God sees everything.”  This is not actually the eye, but  a clear allusion to it.

And finally, on the outside, a very broad band shows seven scenes that symbolize the seven deadly sins. Every sin is marked and labeled by the artist as interpreted  genre scenes.  Thus, Bosch creates a generalized picture of humanity, steeped in sin.

It is interesting to note here on what we are talking about traditional seven sins , although strictly speaking, it’s not a sin as acts – theft, murder, or other sinful acts of man. Seven deadly sins in the Catholic tradition are rather , seven properties in man , seven features of his character , which lead to these crimes and misdemeanors . Seven sins traditionally , as we know, confront the seven virtues . Three Christian religious  virtues four worldly . Bosch , depicting sins , does not appeal to abstract images. Bosch depicts  skits rather in the sense of life , but grotesque and caricature are shown by the  way of the image.


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