“Starry Night” – masterpiece by Vincent van Gogh

There are a lot of things that are special and significant for us. I want to tell about one picture that inspires me and invigorates me. It is “Starry night” by Vincent Van Gogh. This picture is really dazzling and magnificent.
There is the night sky filled with swirling clouds, stars ablaze with their own luminescence, and a bright crescent moon. Here there is something mystical and secret. In the combination of bright stars and black night I see the struggle between kindness and evil, darkness and light of our life. These stars is symbol of holly light day, we cannot live in darkness, that is why God gives us little pieces of the light even at night.
Below the rolling hills of the horizon lies a small village. There are tiny houses there. Light in small windows makes village quiet and comfortable. I like such landscapes, where there is only simplicity and modesty, as usual such atmosphere is more common for tiny villages and towns. Such image is calming and relaxing, and it is what I need.
To the left of the painting there is a massive dark structure that makes the sense of the picture even deeper. If the image of the town is a symbol of goodness, this structure is a sign of evil, which can be a threat for peaceful and cozy atmosphere of the people, living here.
“Starry night” is a masterpiece, which is really appreciated by mankind. It is evocative for me, when I am looking at this picture; the image of my native place of birth comes to my mind. I recollect my childhood, when I was sitting, looking into the window and dreaming. This picture is peerless, it has a spirit of something pure and incredible. There a lot of different pictures by Van Gogh, I even do not know why this picture is so special and charming for me. It makes me feel magic and inspiration. The combination of colors on the canvas makes this masterpiece meaningful and valuable for me.
Thanks to this picture, I feel the power of true art that affects my life a lot. This canvas proofs once more, that Vincent Van Gogh painted pictures that generate genuine and sincere emotions.



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