Marionettes by John Singer Sargent

To my mind, this picture in Impressionism style is about aristocratic and rich society, people of which play with the lives of the lower social strata. Wealthy people do not care about the fate of the poor; they just use them as the clowns and laughing-stocks to have fun. It is the sorrowful destiny of all the centuries, wealthier people rule poor people, openly and boldly or secretly and in this case even more cruel. In our Millennium nothing has been changed. The highest ranks use “plebs” to achieve their own interests. Rich people through simple people out of their way, if simpletons disturb their “Great Majesties”. Please, don’t think that I am kind of Robin Hood, but I dream about equality in our world, and if people have wealth, it must be well-deserved and got in the honest way. People should not allow anyone to govern their dreams and conceptions. Even marionettes can make an insurrection, if they will be morally strong and will not bend under the desires of others. Безымянный214


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