L’Ange du Foyer


Max Ernst is a great surrealistic painter. His works make plunge into fantastic world of mind. Looking at his paintings I break all the possible borders and limits of my imagination.

“L’Ange du Foyer” or “The Angel of Hearth and Home” is one of the most famous surrealistic paintings. It was the first work by Max Ernst which I saw. It looked so bright but at the same time so dreadful to me. When I gaze at this Monster, the feeling of indestructible power appears. For me this creature is a symbol of war, nature and life itself. It is something that cannot be defeated. The strange thing about this enormous beast is that we can observe the smile on its face. It smiles and ruins. For the monster it’s just a childish game. Maybe with the help of that smile, Max Ernst wanted to demonstrate the ironic side of human life.

Contrasting feelings arise when I’m trying to explain “L’Ange du Foyer”. I see a monster and a naive child, joy and grief, beauty and horror. Surrealistic paintings are hard to explain but at least I tried.


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