The Last Supper

One of the most famous works of Leonardo is the fresco “The Last Supper”, written on the wall in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria in 1495-1497. In the background of the picture was put the Gospel story of the last secret meeting of Christ with his disciples. It is a historical painting and I think that it’s a real masterpiece. In this work, Leonardo showed himself not only as an artist but also as a subtle psychologist, expert of human characters. He combines form and colour into harmonious unity. The artist may have put the purpose through the reaction of different people to reveal the eternal questions of humanity: love and hate, loyalty and treachery, nobility and meanness. Growth of emotion and dynamics of movements occur in groups Apostles towards the center of the painting – Christ. Colours of people clothes were picked up by an artist in such a way that the power of color gradually increases toward the center, underlining the significance of the figure of Christ, shown in light blue background scenery outside the window. Art  for da Vinci – one of the many varieties of research, experience and  knowledge.



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