Impression. Sunrise.

Impression, Sunrise is a painting by Claude Monet. It was first displayed in 1874 during the first independent art show of the Impressionists (who were not yet known by that name). Critic Louis Leroy, inspired by the painting’s name, titled his hostile review of the show in Le Charivari newspaper, “The Exhibition of the Impressionists”, thus inadvertently naming the new art movement

This magnificent sketch caught the moment of turning night into day : just a few strokes of bright orange color artist was able to convey light, trembling on the water. “Impression . Sunrise ” – that gave its name to the painting of the Impressionist movement .

In the ” Impression” with a free and easy brush and gentle tones Monet gave his impression of the sunrise in the harbor of Le Havre. He painted orange reflexes of the sun on repeatedly refracted gray tones. However, the outlines of masts and pipes sunk in mist form graphic structure , the composition of verticals and diagonals that fragmented and enliven the plane.

Free stroke, sketchy , through which so directly transferred perceived moment, in the eyes of the public appears as painting, scandalously rough and crude.



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