Going out for a ball

Joseph-Désiré Court (1797-1865) was a French painter of historical subjects and portraits.

His trend is romantic painting in the form of sentimentalism. This trend was very popular in Russia, England and Germany. Joseph-Désiré Court used impetuous and bright colours in his works for creating great and breathtaking images. His pictures have special raisin which draw the attention of the people who admire this incredible works.

The most attractive of his work for me is the picture ‘’Going out for a ball’’. This young girl (I think she is 25 years old) was in luxurious hall of the mansion.  I think it can be nineteenth century, because we see special clothes which were immanent to that period. Girl put on refined red dress with white silk cape. On her right hand we can see pearl bracelet, but my attention was riveted on her left hand in which she took either a branch of rowan tree or some type of red flower. Also I liked her haircut, because it’s simple and without heavy details. The idea of using green branches is really great. It gives special tonality.On the brown background we can see a part of curtain with the tints yellow and royal blue colours and a part of chair with wide back. The posture of the sitter is rigid, hands and body look natural. Her hazel eyes can charm everybody. She looks upon you with her kind gaze. Dark colours predominate on this picture, but artist skillfully combined bright colours of foreground with obscure tones on the background.

To my mind, this picture is an example of high degree of artistic skills, because he could depict the face of the girl very clear and I have the feeling that she is looking on me. It’s very strange. When I watch on this picture I have incomparable sense, and I want also, like this sitter, to go to the ball and dress incredible dress like she did. It would be amazing!



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