The True King

I have been musing about reincarnation for a long time. It was always an urgent question. In my opinion reincarnation is quite possible phenomenon. In that case I think all people will be animals in the next life. As for me I believe that after death I will reborn in the bear-skin. Even now I worship all bears and regard them as sacred animals. There are many reason to think so. I don’t like that stupid stereotype when lion is considered to be the king of animals. I am fully confident that bear is the real king. That’s why I am sure I will be a bear in the next stage of my life.u-T4h1bNLgg


4 thoughts on “The True King

  1. The form of your future reincarnation is the thing you have to earn in this life… If you don’t take care of your karma, you will be able to find out in the next life that you are stone… or dust… or some bacteria… so be careful! 😉 And remember – each time you write such short composition, you get a “minus” to your karma. 😉

    • In this case, I prefer minimalism. And if we’re talking about my karma I’d like to tell you that now I have enough “plus”. On this basis I’m sure that in the next life I can have even two reincarnations and not only in the bear-skin. Who knows.. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about my karma.

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