In the next life I’d like to be a cat. No obligations, no rules. You just eat and sleep. Moreover you are not along and there is always somebody who plays and entertains you. But among the wild animals I’d like to be a cheetah. This graceful cat is very different from other cats. Cheetah is different from most of the cats on a number of grounds, and these differences are significant. In appearance and anatomy of the body is similar to a dog than a cat, as well adapted to fast running. Furthermore, cheetah is a member of the cat family that has long legs and black spots on its fur and can run extremely fast, as it’s the fastest animal in the world. This animal has some special spots and lines on its face under the eyes and may seemed very sad and frustrated, so you will have a wish to pet and fondle this cat. And besides, cheetah can be easily tamed, it can be even trained. This predator has a mild and peaceable disposition. Cheetah quickly becomes accustomed to the owner and strongly attached to him.cheetah


2 thoughts on “Cheetah

  1. You are right, cheetah is a remarkable big cat. Though I think it is rather frustrating to look frustrated for your whole life… Don’t you think so? 🙂

  2. Yes, sure, but when you haven’t a choice to choose something, because you was born with it, because the nature created you in such frustrated way, you can use it in appropriate way, the other words to extract the best. And I think Cheetah doesn’t worry about a frustrated look, just because this cat doesn’t know about it.

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