Wild life on the wide extensions

Life is unexpected and awesome thing. We born and come to this world with special intentions, but in our dreams we can chose any life. If I were an animal in the next life, I would like to be gazelle. I would have long graceful feet, light body and two strong horns. I would run faster than any live being on this planet and enjoy head wind. My hair would be very tender, soft and sleek, brawn and white colours of skin of my body give me real nobility and power of beauty. I would nibble the grass on the spacious meadows and drink clear water from deep and crystal lakes and rivers. I would have many friends-gazelles and we would spend good time together and take delight in every minute of our short life. I think it would be the best time of transient time and not care about different things which take place near me. This character is similar to me, because I have gracefulness, sometimes I don’t want to think about my problems and I wish simply run somewhere. __m7lZc_gAw 1M7XXnjOoec TRBv7VUd7nA


2 thoughts on “Wild life on the wide extensions

  1. I am sorry to disappoint you… but life of gazelle is not that careless – it always has to beware of some big, fast cat that can be hiding in the tall grass… Think carefully about your plans for next life – you still have time to change your mind! 😉

  2. You are right and I agree with you to a certain extent, but I want to be peaceable and tender animal which will not harm others. When I met a lion or another predators, I would run so fast as I could=) In such way I save my life. If I am lucky, maybe I will have an opportunity to have two or more extra life and then I choose a living of another animal)

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