Courage and tenderness in one

I do not know why, but I am crazy about this animal. Lion is known to be the king of animals. But most of all I like his independence. Wild animals have freedom, they are full of energy and power. Lions are devoted to their herd, as I am devoted to my family and friends. They are strong-willed, determined and unpredictable. To my mind, lions are architects of their own fortunes.
These animals have special rules in a herd and follow them. I support this, because I like order and stability. When you look in the eyes of the lion, you will see the wisdom, generosity and courage. Not every animal has such characteristics. Sometimes they may seem harsh, dangerous and violent. But it is only a reaction to injustice and permissiveness. Lions are powerful and brave, but, notwithstanding this, they must be vigilant for saving freedom and independence. One ill-considered step and they have a risk of being in a cage.
So, I would like to be a lion in my next life. I think that lion is the most powerful and fairest animal in the world. And it’s a great honor to be like him.-SeZJtcUrTM cXLO2_qJ5kc Uj44EAYFyaY


2 thoughts on “Courage and tenderness in one

  1. Great story. 🙂 I liked the parallels between your present life and your possible “future” life. 🙂 Well… you still have a chance to live your present life like a lion – brave, independent and family-oriented. 😉

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