Lemurs are exotic and unusual pets. They are very careful ant tidy. The reason for this is their slowness. It is the only primate which can be let out of the case without any tending.

Lemurs bear resemblance to monkeys. Some kinds are as big as cats and some are even smaller than rats. Lemurs have extremely big eyes and human-like pads. Their fur can be black, grey, brown or varicolored. They eat fruits and even porridges.
Lemurs are pretty luxurious pets. One costs 16.000 hryvnias and more. In some countries it is illegal to keep them. The only minus about these cuties is their smell. Lemurs need to be washed once a day. Anyway I want to buy a lemur in future. 2134 213


4 thoughts on “Cuties

  1. I think you have to start collecting money for this cute creature just right now! 🙂 But it can be a good motivation to find a job and start your professional career! 😉 Anyway, I agree with you that they are amazing animals and deserve to be praised. 🙂

  2. i am sure that those little guys are totally alien, they originated somewhere in the other corner of the galaxy and came here to conquer the earth through the sheer cuteness. just think about that

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