Why I want to have a cat as a pet?

If I could have a pet I would choose cat because this animal has a magic talent. Cat can treat with the help of its purr. It looks very cute, funny and smart animal. Many cats understand when we swear them and feel their fault. It is a fantastic animal which also can effects my mood and makes me feel better and more energetic. Cats are very fluffy creations. Their fur is wonderful. I like to pet it because I feel more calm and relaxed. It is interesting to watch this animal especially when it is angry, disappointed or irritated it begins to move its tail in different directions. Also the have whiskers and claws which are the important part of their body. resize


2 thoughts on “Why I want to have a cat as a pet?

  1. Cats seem to be rally popular. Do we live in ancient Egypt? 🙂 I think cats would like that epoch… I hope one day your dream will come true, and you will become an owner of this wonderful creature. 😉

  2. Thanks, I also hope that I’ll become an owner of one more kitten, because I have a cat and for me it like a friend, it feels my bad mood, my ache if I have it and tries to treat me and improve my mood. I think that cats are popular in all epochs cause of their power and possibilities to treat people and effect on people’s mood.

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