The master of the sky

If I had an ability to become an animal, I would be an eagle. This bird describes all my strengths and attributes perfectly. The eagle has strong wings and penetrating look, it is one of the most courage birds in the world.

There are two reasons why I would like to be the eagle. I believe that this bird is a beautiful creature, and it is the most wonderful creature to ever live.

I am human and all, but if I were looking at life from a bird’s point of view, I would have to say captivation is not exactly what I would be striving for. Part of the fun about being the eagle would have to be the freedom that comes along with it. The freedom of a bird is one of the major reasons I choose this creature. The eagle has the freedom to live wherever it pleases. A nest can be built almost anywhere! It also has the incredible ability to see the world from a point of view completely different from our own. The eagle can see things, smell things, and touch things that are so far beyond our reach in so many ways.

Undoubtedly, there is something alluring and fascinating when you are looking at eagles…They are masters of the sky.

bald-eagle_1_600x450 Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter


2 thoughts on “The master of the sky

  1. If you dream of freedom, you definitely need some relaxation… 😉 In general, I liked the structure of your story – it is great. And you seem to be really exited about eagles… If you become an eagle, I hope I will not become a mouse! 😉

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