I wish I were an ancient black dragon with the huge wings and a firm scale . On my head I’d  have 2 long horns.  My teeth would be very sturdy to nip off anything.  On every foot I’d have powerful claws. Also as every dragon  I would emit fire from my throat and do an horrendous roar.

Usually I would lay in my lair but as soon as goblins finish and wear my armor I’d flight around the mountains, rivers and forests burning to ashes everything on my path. When some noble warriors would come I would either burn them or tear to pieces because no one would deserve my treasure. I would live either eternal or until the really noble dragonslayer would arrive.




2 thoughts on “Deathwing

  1. I think a comment of a “really noble dragonslayer” would be more appropriate here, but I am all you’ve got. 🙂 You seem to be really self-confident and impressive… but beware… what if not a noble dragonslayer enters your cave, but a beautiful, fair lady? what if she becomes your the most precious treasure? 😉

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