Depending on the time of the year we experience a lot of different emotions.

In winter, for example, we are calm, gloomy, moody, peaceful and cold as snow that covers the ground. Our passions are dulled.

In summer, on the contrary, we are full of energy and feel the rush of emotions. We are young, we are full of longing, self-satisfied, merry and playful. This is not the time to be dull and exhausted, this is the time of overwhelmed and astonished feelings, the time of carelessness.

Spring is the season of love. We feel more lively and excited. Spring makes us active, enthusiastic and positive, because everything is waking up to begin a new circle.

Autumn is time for melancholy. It leads us to dejection, especially rainy weather, which makes us nervous, edgy and irritable, but at the same time pensive and thoughtful. Although in September, we are refreshed and relaxed after hot summer, but when it is closer to winter we are consumed by restless and frustrated feeling of cold.125662-3000x2000 14738671 200229640 1256024661krasota1 b243969c


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