Rainbow Pendulum

My mood changes as often as the position of clockwise. Weather has a significant influence on my mood. Especially when it`s raining. Then I become pensive and thoughtful. To my mind rain is the best avant-garde composer I`ve ever heard. Other manifestations don`t affect me in a such way.  World situation makes me indifferent and I don`t care about it. When we are talking about the time of the day there is a whole different story. In the morning I am very bored, weary and gloomy. In the evening of the same day I become exhilarated, playful and inspired. That`s why I used to write my poems in this time of the day. Studying has also some effect on me but not essential. What really influences on my mood is esurience. When I am hungry I become very edgy, restless and irascible.



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