My life.

Weather -_-

This September is very awful. The Weather is so cold and often rains but still I am bored and a bit amazed because cold weather comes so quick but I am calm and relaxed. I do not care about weather, except when it is very hot or when it is very cold and everything is closed, then I feel me exhilarated.

Health >_<

Almost all days of the last week I was ill. I was little disillusioned because I missed 3 days of studying.  Those days were as usual very terrible. I was not very cheerful or dejected I just was angry at my eyes because they produced tears every 30 seconds, and at the end of the day they became red.

Studying °_° ¬_¬

When I study, I feel my uncertain. I can be either resentful or pensive, I can be either active or disappointed. But mostly I feel my sociable, elated, frivolous and enthusiastic.





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