My inconstant mood

How a studding affects my mood? Occasionally, I am enthusiastic and full of energy but more and more I am feeling weariness and frustration. Most of time is dissipated on the secondary subjects. It is really bother me…The huge lists of requirements and assignments of another insignificant subjects like sociology or political science makes me furious…

Weather…When it is barmy and there are no clouds in the sky I feel exultation and cheerfulness. In such weather I can not sit at home, I go somewhere close to nature with my friends or when they are busy I go gardening or fishing with my dad. In a rainy or snowy weather I become gloomy and dejected. Thus to lift spirits I prefer to watch an admirable movie with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket.

I am not indifferent to the world’s situation. I feel disillusion when somewhere people suffer from disasters and they lack for dwelling, food, money…But the greatest pity I undergo when babies who are gravely ill need a big amount of money for operations. In such moments, I realize one simple thing that people should help each other because we do not know what tomorrow will be, maybe someone of us will call for help.



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