Irina Farion and the sunshine

Lots of factors may influence our mood. Everything may be important: from silly advertisement on TV up to the world tragedy.

As for me, the weather have a great influence on me. When there is the sunny weather, I am enthusiastic, thrilled, refreshed, content and playful. When it’s raining outdoors, I am gloomy, moody and melancholic.

I usually don’t care about world situation, but Ukrainian politician Irina Farion makes me feel edgy, irritable and disillusioned in some of our political party.

When I need to get up early in the morning because of necessity to go to university, I feel drained and miserable, but if I plan going to the seaside, there is no problem to get up at 6 o’clock. In this case I feel exhilarated and I am up in the clouds.

Friday – is my favorite day even if I was working all day, in the evening I am full of energy and elated.

Today I got up rather early, but today is Friday, that’s why I am OK.



7 thoughts on “Irina Farion and the sunshine

    • You’d better stop talking with me about political themes, I have strong point of view in this question.
      I don’t care about what language she knows, I just wanna barf when I see or listen to her.

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