Good weather and health make me happy

Weather always makes the mood. I’m not the exception. I often suffer when the weather is really bad, especially when I have planned a lot of things or decided to go for a walk with my friends. When the weather is good, the Sun is shining and heaven is blue, I’m really happy, positive, optimistic, cheerful and alert. I can do everything and even more on such days, but when I wake up, look into the window and see rain and dark clouds on weekdays, I’m very angry, melancholic, edgy and irritable, because I have to go to the university in such awful weather. Though, on weekends I feel calm, elated and relaxed. In such days I can simply take delight in a cup of coffee and read interesting books.

Health is the most important part of human being. Health plays a significant role in emotional condition of every person. When I am ill, I want do nothing, I only rest or sleep. World loses all beauty and colours. I think about healing. On these days I am frustrated, bored, weary and distressed. But everything changes when I’m healthy. I’m merry, sociable and content. I can do anything. I’m over the moon.



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