Today is the day… Monday. Yes! I am totally edgy, weary and tired.

All I want is to sleep more. I don’t even ask to have free time to watch TV or to meet my friends. All I want is to sleep. Often when I sleep not too much I am easily annoyed.
I like any weather if I am at my or friends’ home but if I am alone outside and I’m walking in the rain I feel miserable, resentful and lonely.

I don’t like winter. When it comes I feel like a big snowwoman because of warm clothing. So I feel depressed and totally disheartened. But when spring comes I feel self-satisfied and merry.
When weekend comes I am on top of the world. I am content because of my good night’s rest. I am idle as I don’t want to do anything. Even go out. After weekends, I feel refreshed. But it’s not for too long. In the evening I feel empty after being sociable and active.



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