A good friend is the best therapy

To tell the truth, my mood is unpredictable, this is due to the facts that affect my life. The weather can influence my mood. When it is cold and rainy outside, I become dejected and depressed, I begin to feel lonely. At this period of time I prefer staying at home and watching films. Cloudless and warm weather makes me feel exhilarated, refreshed and relaxed. In favorable day I feel energy and inspiration for doing incredible things.
The next important fact is the state of my health. When I get sick I am light-headed and cannot concentrate. I am disappointment, because I am not used to be a coach potato, as usual I am an energetic and active person. Feeling of weakness and fatigue is the worst in my life. And the most important generator of my mood is my friend. They can cheer me up in spite of everything. Their funny stories and boisterous laughter bring a smile. Now I do not care about the season of the year, but I am really exhausted and weary because of studying. But I hope that soon my life will turn for better and I will be on top of the world. Feeling triumphant is better than being despondent and easily annoyed. My friends help me not to give up, so I try keep up my spirits and be on the ball.



5 thoughts on “A good friend is the best therapy

  1. I totally agree with you that the a good friend is the best therapy. The friend is always with you, supports you in any situation and cheer you up when you feel lonely and sad.

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